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I Have a Stitch Left from my Implants a Year Ago.

I got silicone implants a year ago. It wasn't made in this country. I notice 3 stitches(two in one breast an one inthe other). My regular doctor... READ MORE

I Would Like to Know if I Can Get Axillary Breast Tissue Removed? Does It Has Any Side Effects?

Dear All MDs, I would like to know if I would be remover "Axillary Breast",Does it has any side effect? I'm from Thailand and I have got... READ MORE

Do I have to remove manicure gel nails before Breast Augmentation surgery?

I ve heard its not neccessary to remove fake nails as long as you can see a decent distance around the nailsbond and the fake nail.. so is that true?... READ MORE

Can Infection Appear Years After Implantation? Can It Be Inside the Scar Tissue?

9 yrs ago after BA, developed hematoma, it was treated thru surgery & implants remained in, developing cap cont over time in the affected breast... READ MORE

While Taking out my Sutures (I Had BA Crease Inscison) a Bit Retracted Inside and Remains in Me. This Ok?

Hi i got my sutures out at 3 weeks following my surgeons advice, i had a BA with 375cc implants, and crease inscion, i went to my GP to get my sutures... READ MORE

Do Fibroadenomas Have to Be Removed Before Breast Augmentation?

I had a ultrasound one year ago showing a possible fibroadenoma and recently had a new ultrasound showing no changes at all in size or shape of it. i... READ MORE

My steri strip was starting to smell and fall off the skin so I removed it. Does my incision look okay?

I washed the skin with antibiotic soap and water and pat to dry. Then covered the incision with a large bandage since I don't have any steri strips. I... READ MORE

Is 21 Days Too Long to Wait for Sutures to Be Removed Following Breast Augmentation? (photo)

375cc implants crease , under muscle. i am now day 10 post op feeling good. READ MORE

Would Breast Augmentation Reduce the Appearance of my Very Prominent Axillary Armpit Tissue or is Removal my Only Option? (photo

I have had breast tissue under my left arm since puberty. After my breast got smaller from breastfeeding, the underarm tissue looks more separated... READ MORE

After 4 weeks of Breast Augmentation I feel a stitch coming out from the inside to my skin. Does it need to be removed?

I'm in my 4th week of BA. Just right in the incision of my right breast I feel a little sticht and that small thing is bottering me that I can't wear... READ MORE

Shoulder pain after Breast Augmentation. Is it possible to pull the pectoral muscle too tight when implants installed?

Is it possible to pull the pectoral muscle too tight and aggravate bicep tendonitis/adhesive capsulitis after breast augmentation? What can be done to... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a fibroadenoma removed and breast augmentation in one procedure?

I am a 22 year old student athlete and was just diagnosed with a fibroadenoma. I would like to get it removed this summer. I have been considering... READ MORE

My breast augmentation incision is not healed at 6 weeks. What is causing this? (photo)

I have had my left implant removed do to necrosis. I have had 6 cultures all came back negative but I was on antibiotics when I took them and I am... READ MORE

BA Stitches Opened Up and Yellow/Bloody Drainage. Right Breast Appears Abcessed. Can Internal Stitches be Removed?

My right breast after augmentation with lift opened up and now has white blood cells upon culture of the yellow sometimes bloody drainage. I can... READ MORE

I Am Wondering if I Need to Have my Breast Implants Removed?

I had my BA on September 11. I received Mentor's 275 cc saline implants. Since that time I have been experiencing constant headaches and sneezing. I... READ MORE

Breast Lift itching, still in bandages after 5 days. Breasts feel hot and the pressure is driving me mad.

I had Breast Lift & implant exchange (CapCon & rupture in one side) 5 days ago. My surgeon wants me to remain wrapped (not a bra) for 8 days. After 5... READ MORE

Should smaller implants be used with a lollipop lift? (photo)

When you remove the skin during a lollipop lift, should a smaller size implant be used because you have less skin to fill? I am 5'6" 130 lbs semi... READ MORE

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