Rejection + Breast Augmentation

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What are symptoms of your body rejecting implants? Can it happen 2 years after breast surgery?

I've had implants for 7 years then my left one ruptured! 2 years later I'm having strange symptoms like chostrocondritis and pain under my left breast... READ MORE

Post Silicone Breast Augmentation: Are my Implants Being Rejected?

Post silicone breast augmentation, my sleep pattern has been shot due to being told to sleep on my back {which is like asking the elephant man to do,... READ MORE

If Encapsulation is Caused by Bacteria And/or Body Rejection, Why is It Only on my Dominant Side?

My theory is that I did too much too soon after augmentation surgery - excercise & just daily activities of a busy mom - using, of course, my... READ MORE

My body has rejected body piercings in the past. How might my body react to under the muscle saline implants?

I'm 21 years old, 5'1" and about 115 pounds. I am a 32AA, so I have a very small chest. I am extremely interested in having breast augmentation... READ MORE

Can my body "reject" implants?

Hello doctors, I recently went to my first consultation for a BA. I am wanting to get silicone smooth implants, but keep hearing these horror stories... READ MORE

Will I be rejected for implants over 400cc?

I am 5''7 and weigh an average of 58kgs. This is my first BA. I am between a b/c cup at the moment and wanting to go DD/E high profle. READ MORE

Body rejection of implants.

Is it very common for bodies to reject the inplant. And how does it reject it? What happens? What are the signs? How long after surgery can the... READ MORE

Hello! Are the risks of implant rejection or infection significantly higher for someone with a sensitive immune system?

I have just under a million concerns regarding breast augmentation, but my primary concern is my body rejecting the implants. Any piercings I've had... READ MORE

If my body rejects piercings, will it put me at a higher risk for cc?

I have my ears pierced and I am not able to wear anything but pure gold or platinum. I also had my belly button pierced years ago and my body rejected... READ MORE

Implant rejection

What are the signs and symptoms of your body rejecting your implants? READ MORE

I have had a second rupture since 2007. No injury or capsular contracture?

I have used a different surgeon and he informed me the first was from not be filled to specifications. Now another. Could my body be rejecting them.... READ MORE

6 weeks post op breast augmentation, left nipple still has burning sensation. Am I getting capsular contracture!!????

It is nearly 6 weeks post op. I had 450CC silicone above muscle through nipple. My right boob is fine and has healed wonderfully. My left boob is... READ MORE

1 week after surgery and one breast hurts more than the other. Is this normal? 34a to 34c (325cc silicone round).

Days 6 and7 Post op I keep feeling pain in my right breast especially when touched from the middle. When I touch it, it feels like a bruise but no... READ MORE

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