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I Feel Like my 450cc Implants Are Too Large (D Cup). What are the Risks of Going Smaller?

I had my breast augmentation 3 years ago and was VERY specific that I did not want to be too large (I am 5'5" and 115). The implant size I... READ MORE

Swelling and Size Reduction After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had my BA 2 days ago a I have 210 round silicone under muscular implants in a modest profile. I wanted to go a bit bigger but all the ps's i... READ MORE

Would Reducing Implants by 80CC be Worth it?

I had my breast augmentation over a year ago with 180 cc anatomical gummy bear implants. I weight only 95 pounds and am very skinny therefore my... READ MORE

Weight Loss Effect on Breast Lift/reduction?

I am currently 6 weeks post op for a breast lift and slight reduction.I am learning to be happy with my results, however my husband and I are planning... READ MORE

Has my Right Implant Bottomed Out? (Staged Surgeries, Lift/reduction and BA About 8 Months Apart) (photo)

Thank you for answering my previous question, you guys are the best. The right implant feels really strange whenever I use my arm and muscles on the... READ MORE

Unhappy With Breast Lift/Reduction. Correction Options Other Than Implants?

I had a breast lift/reduction four weeks ago and I am still unhappy with my results. I expected more "uplift" than I have. I also had a slight... READ MORE

Pain in Muscle/Under Left Breast (5 Years After Saline Implants and 3 Weeks After Beginnng Work with a Personal Trainer)?

I am having severe pain behind/under my left breast. It hurts when I breath, cough, bend over, etc. I began working with a certified personal trainer... READ MORE

Asymmetric Breasts - Surgical Options for Nipple Size and Breast Size?

One of my breasts is a C cup the other is B and they both have different nipple sizes. I prefer the C cup breast size wise but then prefer the nipple... READ MORE

Breast Aug & Areola Reduction

Hi. I am an 18 year old female under going a BA and Areola reduction. I am currently a small B cup with aprox 8cm areolas around each. The PO I am... READ MORE

Do I Have Tubular Breasts? And What Surgery to Improve Shape?

I am very self conscious of my large areola and sagging breasts. I am only 18 years old and they have been this way essentially since puberty. The... READ MORE

Are my breast too flaccid for mastopexy (NO IMPLANT)? (Photo)

I was told by one surgeon that my breast were too flaccid and I would need an implant. (wish pic attached but did not send wish pix to surgeon who... READ MORE

Can I Have a Reduction in One Breast and Reconstruct in the Other

Had a mastectomy on left and the right is a 38G. I need a reduction and reconstruction. READ MORE

When is Breast Liposuction an Ideal Option for Women?

What size women and/or breasts are ideal for breast liposuction? READ MORE

When Will I Know my Final Size? Lift With Augmentation and Small Reduction.

I got a breast lift/augmentation with a small reduction of 80-100 gr with the implants being 250cc I told him I wanted smaller perkier breasts not... READ MORE

1 month after a breast augmentation to correct asymmetry. I'm concerned that the incision site isn't healing right. (Photo)

I had a reduction and lift in my right breast and an implant in my left, with a nipple reduction in both. There are holes in the incision sites in... READ MORE

Do We Have to Have Smaller Areolas?

I am contemplating a breast lift with reduction - I have a K cup breast - heavy and uncomfortable. I will obviously have to also get a reduction. The... READ MORE

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Decrease Milk Production?

Do mothers suppliment more than half of what their baby needs? Does this depend on each case? Will a doctor know about what to expect or should... READ MORE

Implant Reduction?

Over a year ago I had an augmentation with 800cc silicone cohesive gel implants placed in the sub-facial position. I'm a 36D now but after living with... READ MORE

Is this normal swelling and bruising? Post op 4 days, breast aug, uplift & very small reduction on left (photos)

Iv kept in contact with my surgeon who I trust and he doesn't seem to be too worried. He says I have small hematoma, but he doesn't seem concerned. I... READ MORE

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