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Will Areola Reduction Change my Breast Shape?

My left areola is larger than my right as you can see in the photo below. Since my areola are different size, If I get areola reduction surgery will... READ MORE

Will a 100CC Decrease in Silicone Make a Cup Size Difference?

Currently I have 500 CC HP silicone unders, they are far too big!! I am need a decrease and I am thinking of going with 375CC, or 400CC. Will 100CC... READ MORE

Could Breast Feeding Have Reduced by Breast Size Permanently? (photo)

I have always been a very slim girl but i had reasonable sized breasts before my pregnancy and breast feeding. I breast fed twins for 13 months and... READ MORE

Scar Reducing Cream After Breast Augmentation?

I have the incision on the breast fold 48 hours ago. The incisions still have the steri-tape, but I would like to be proactive with reducing the scar... READ MORE

Can gap between breasts be reduced with bigger implants?? (photos)

My name is Anne, I had a breast augmentation 7 months ago. My implants are MOTIVA 220cc, round smoothsilk, base 9.75, projection 4.0. I really wanted... READ MORE

Harvest-Jet Breast Augmentation. Is there any plastic surgery hospitals performing this in the United States?

Hi. I am 25 years old woman with no cup sized breast. I've been thinking of fat transfer breast augmentation and found the new equipment called... READ MORE

What kinds of breast deformities do I have? Is there a way to fix this other than reducing the right breast? (photos)

I was advised that it would be " looking for trouble" to get implants with my kind of breast. Why is that? Other than the severe asymmetry and... READ MORE

Are my breasts tuberous? Can I ever have round breasts, cleavage and smaller nipples? (photos)

I'm 27 years old. I've always felt I had stunted breast growth. Do I have tuberous breasts? How severe? Is it possible for me to be round? Possible to... READ MORE

What are the best ways to reduce swelling after a Breast Augmentation? And where should I put it?

I have been using frozen peas on my cleavage and under my armpits. (I have some bruising near where side boob is) I've heard of people using arnica... READ MORE

Will textured round subpec implants reduce animation deformation?

I am a yoga teacher & concerned about the animation deformity when I flex! I know I cant go subglandular- being 5'9'', 121 lbs, & 32 a/b. (bust around... READ MORE

Do you think that my gap between the breast will reduce and if I will be able to get cleavage in a future? (photo)

Hi, I am 4 weeks post op and my breast seems to be pretty far apart. I got 360 round, high profile, textured implants even though I wanted moderate... READ MORE

Will breast augmentation reduce 'armpit fat' area? (Photo)

I am considering breast augmentation because I thought it may reduce the 'armpit fat' that I have. Please could you advise if having breast... READ MORE

What could this be? Anything I can take to reduce the swelling? (photos)

I've had sudden swelling In right breast accompanied by lots of pain and now swelling and a red lump I have had a ultrasound MRI which showed implant... READ MORE

Saggy boobs? Surgery to fix side boob? Can boobs be closer together from surgery? (photos)

I am only 19, and my boobs look like they are sagging. Are they? Also they go out way to the side is there any surgery to be done to reduce this? Is... READ MORE

What would be the best way to correct my tuberous breasts? (photos)

I have been told my right breast is a “stage 3” tuberous breast and my left is a “stage 2”. I am 18 and 5’3 and weigh 135 lbs. My areolas (especial... READ MORE

Can anything non surgical be done to reduce rippling?

I am only four weeks post op and already have rippling on the sides. Can anything be done to improve this? Or with more relaxation will it improve... READ MORE

What exactly is meant by scoring the muscle? Will it reduces the activity on the implants?

I have an animation (flex) deformity, I am 6 months post-up ( noticed after 3 months ). Apparently I have a really strong pec. muscle ( no work... READ MORE

Breast tissue or just fat?

I've been getting started on losing my weight. I'm turning fifteen, C cup, 4'10", 53 kg. I don't actually want my breast size to reduce so much as I... READ MORE

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