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Why does alcohol turn my one year old scars bright red?

I had a breast lift/ Aug a year ago and recently noticed that when I drink wine my scars turn bright red and stay red overnight? Why is this, I've... READ MORE

Is it normal to have burning sensation after stitches splitting?

Ok, today I think I spit 2 stiches. I notice a red dot on my right breast and when I looked closer it was a hole. Then I looked at my left and there... READ MORE

Are These Scars Normal for 3 Months Post-BA? (photo)

My scars are pretty flat but they are very dark red. I am hoping this will fade, but I'm concerned and having trouble finding info on what my scars... READ MORE

I have an open wound at nylon suture/stitches inframammary. Is this a serious wound? (photos)

I am 3 weeks post BA submuscular inframammary crease with internal dissolving stitches and external nylon sutures sutures removed approx. 10 days ago.... READ MORE

Why am I red & crazy itchy where dissolvable stitches are near incision site after breast lift? (photos)

I am now 2 weeks post op and have been very itchy the last 3-4 days. When I took the micropore tape off, I noticed that the dissolvable stitches were... READ MORE

10 weeks post op/ breast lift and implants. Red and warm breast. Infection? (Photo)

I'm 10 weeks post of a breast lift and implants. I noticed my breast are red and warm on the bottom side. Under the areola. Is this an infection? I... READ MORE

1 month post op Breast Augmentation with Lift, the wound under right breast is not healing. Any advice on healing? (photos)

7-14-14 surgery. 2 weeks into recovery a scab under right breast. PS told me to wash twice and day and it will heal on it's own over time. It's now... READ MORE

What Could This Red, White, Itchy Bump Be?

I just got over some sort of infection caused by food poisoning and now have cc... I stopped taking antibiotics less than 1 week ago. This raised... READ MORE

Can I take ecstasy or Molly a month post op? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation a month ago. Silicone 400 cc HP. I feel perfectly fine. Can I take drugs ? Or is it not safe for my implants? Also I have... READ MORE

Why is the implant scar on my right breast still bright red it's been 3 years? (Photo)

I want to know why the scar on my left breast still bright red after 3 years? What type of scar is this and what can I do to make it better? READ MORE

Have I pulled muscle after breast aug? (Photo)

I am 29 days post op from breast augmentation. Dr did under the muscle. I tried using my legs to push some stuff but like a goof ball I held on to my... READ MORE

I Had Breast Augmentation a Year and a Half Ago, and One of the Inframammary Scars is Red, Raised, and Very Painful? (photo)

I had breast augmentation 1.5 years ago. Following the procedure, one of the inframammary incisions never healed like the other. The other incision is... READ MORE

Does it look like I need to have my implants removed because of possible mastitis? (photo)

I've had the chills, breast redness, and my breast feels extremely hot, my body has also been aching. The doctor is saying he believes it's a stitch... READ MORE

Breast Aug 2 Weeks Ago and my Incsion is Draining a Creamy Light Red Color. Is It Infected?

16 Days ago I had a breast augmentation. 2 days ago I went to see my surgeon because one of my incisions had been really bothering me and that morning... READ MORE

Alcohol consumption 3 weeks post op from breast augmentation and lipo (Photo)

Last night I went out and had 3 drinks which consist of tequila and vodka. When I wake up this morning I noticed that my left Nipple has a weird... READ MORE

How long post-op should scars be red/purple and raised? (Photo)

It has almost been two years since I had a BA and I'm concerned about my scars. They're still VERY visible (I understand in many cases they never... READ MORE

I would like to know the wound on my breast scar is from a blister or necrosis? (photos)

I had a breast lift with implant on last Monday. Before I left, my ps said it looks like a blister was forming. A day later the incision at the bottom... READ MORE

2 weeks post op. Am I healing normally? Is this amount of swelling normal? (photos)

I have a lot of swelling at the bottom of the breast. It is very red and full feeling. I am rubbing cream on but it hurts a lot. Both breasts are the... READ MORE

i have noticed my right scar is very red and sticks out a little. Do I have a double bubble? (Photo)

Bad quality pics i know im sorry. you can clearly see the crease under my right breast. im afraid its a double bubble ...and the scar is very... READ MORE

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