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Rate of Capsular Contracture Recurrence?

I started to develop cc at 8 months post op. I'm 10 months post op and it is not getting any better. What is the percentage of cc recurrence after... READ MORE

Breast Tissue Sagging Again Over Implants? (photo)

8 months ago I got a breast lift & 400ml, round, silicon implants. My natural breast tissue has began resagging over my implant. My doctor didnt... READ MORE

Early Post BA Recurrent Seroma?

I had my BA three weeks ago with subfascial 280 cc textured anatomical implants.a unilateral seroma occured two weeks postop and was drained by a... READ MORE

Sudden Shooting Pains?

Hi i had my BA 14months ago, i went from a 32a to a 32dd. I've always had the odd shooting pain, when i had my 1 year review my surgeon had a look and... READ MORE

I Got a Post Op Seroma After Rupture Replacement 10 Yrs Ago, Now I Have a Seroma.

My doctor had my breast drained 3 times along with putting in a drain but my breast kept swelling. He finally said my only options were to take them... READ MORE

Recurring Hematoma 2 Years After Surgery. What's Going On?

I has breast augmentation surgery 2 years ago for asymmetry, using anatomical, textured implants. Last March my left breast swelled overnight, for no... READ MORE

Capsular Contacture Recurrence?

I started to develop capsular contracture on my left breast at 8 months post op. I'm 10 months post op and it is not getting any better. The shape has... READ MORE

What Are the Chances of Reoccurrence of Cc?

Hi. I had a breast augmentation (on top of the muscle) in 2007. In 2010, I developed cc on left breast (grade 4) and grade 1 on right breast in 2012.... READ MORE

Had surgery to repair rippling and symmastia. Rippling is back, What can I do?

3 weeks ago I had a corrective surgery done to rep air symmastia and rippling. We changed from 375cc saline under the muscle to 550cc silicone under... READ MORE

Will I need a revision and how likely am I to develop CC again? (Photo)

I'm 5 weeks post-op, was diagnosed with capsular contracture at my one month post op appt. I'm on 2 antibiotics for 2 weeks and Singulair for 3 months... READ MORE

Capsular contraction - second time round help?

I have cap contraction once again. My surgeon recommends that we use the furry implants (silicone polyurethane) as they have an extremely low capsular... READ MORE

I had reconstruction after breast cancer, now I feel like I'm dying, why? (Photos)

I had breast cancer then implants, I've went down hill since then. I get sick with different symptoms each time or recurring symptoms. Yet never get a... READ MORE

Likelihood of a reoccurring capsule contraction?

This question might seem a little unusual but here it goes. I hear that a undetected ruptured silicone breast implant can cause a immune reaction... READ MORE

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