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Closer together and very perky - Are my Breast Augmentation Expectations Realistic?

I have very small breasts (34A) that have a downward curvature from my sternum. However, with breast augmentation, the results I'm looking for... READ MORE

I'm Wondering How I Can Get Breasts Like This, or at Least if It's a Realistic Expectation? (photo)

Any guesses as to how she achieved this look? Do you think those implants were put in under or over the muscle? The top of them seems to blend in so... READ MORE

Is Plastic Surgery an Art?

My question is more of a general question.Quite simply, if a patient brings in a picture of their ideal "dream breasts", can this be obtained thru... READ MORE

Am I Being Realistic with the Breast Augmentation Results I Want?

My PS wants me to bring in pictures of what I want so he can be sure that he understands what results I'm wanting. We've discussed this at my... READ MORE

Tubular breast correction in Miami, FL. Is it possible for me to achieve the results in my wish pics? (Photo)

Below I have attached images of myself as well as what I hope, based on the results of the patient in the last image, to be realistic for me to end up... READ MORE

How To Get Natural Big Breast?

I've heard there is a better way to get natural bigger breast rather than going all out with surgery & all . i believe it is a porn website that they... READ MORE

Before and after pictures of breast augmentation for patients with large breasts who want huge breasts? (photos)

Many women who want breast implants are looking to size up to a D or E from much smaller, but what I want to see are pictures where the patient was... READ MORE

I'm 5'3, weight 110, bra size small B cup. Can I realistically achieve the look and size of Kate Upton? (Photo)

I want to have larger looking Breast but also natural looking . My goal is to have the fullness in shape and size of a 34 dd like Kate Upton . How... READ MORE

Are my Expectations Unrealistic? (photo)

I am 29, 5'6", 115 lbs., mother of 3. My right breast droops quite a bit and the nipple has become misshapen. I'm open to a lift and a reduction of my... READ MORE

Is my desired size increase realistic/attainable? (Photo)

I'm currently somewhere in between an A and a B cup. Ideally, I want a more 'natural' look. That is to say, a gentle slope in the upper portion of the... READ MORE

Wondering if my goal breasts are realistic? (Photos)

I am 20 yrs old and have a big C cup and I would ideally like to go to a small B cup, would that be achievable? Also I have stretchmarks on my upper... READ MORE

Would 450cc Implants achieve this look? (photos)

25 y/o 5'0 119lbs. Currently 32AA Measuring BW 11cm, N-IMF 3cm, intermammary dist. 8cm, SN-N 16cm Considering my measurements would 450cc HP implant... READ MORE

Are my breasts already realistically too big for breast implants? (Photo)

20 year old female here. 34C. There is a little asymmetry between them but its not very noticeable. I simply want larger breasts. I fit into 34DD... READ MORE

My PS suggested 550 hp silicone above the muscle. Is this natural look realistic using overs? (photo)

I am 5'4", 150 lbs, currently a 34 A/B. My surgeon suggested going above the muscle to save money, which allows me to get silicone vs. saline because... READ MORE

Is BA possible on a pigeon chested person? I suppose I have to forget a result like this? (Photo)

I am pigeon chested and I am here because I need advices on what I should expect from my BA and advices on size, shape and position of implants. I... READ MORE

How can I surgically get a result like the one in this photo? (includes my breast photo and my goal photo)

My doctor told me that My breasts are somewhat far apart. What profile should I use to avoid a huge gap in between? I want to look natural like the... READ MORE

Am I Being Realalistic?

Ok I just want to know vif I have realalistic expectations of what COULD be done. It is so hard to look at pictures and say "Thats what I want to... READ MORE

Are my Breast Augmentation Expectations Realistic? (photo)

I recently had a consultation with a doctor but he is uncomfortable with doing larger breasts, which is what I want. I want to know if my expectations... READ MORE

Is my wish pic realistic? I do like the high profile saline (Photo)

I'm 5'4" and weigh 110 and I'm 29 yrs old with three kids. I can't have any more children. So I found the Breast of a woman that I really like and I... READ MORE

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