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Causes and Remedies For Horrible Rash/ Reaction Post Breast Augmentation? (photo)

My daughter just had breast augmentation on feb.8th. (Silicone). About a week after surgery, she developed a rash around the side of her right breast,... READ MORE

2 Months Post Op BA with Allergic Reaction to Neosporin, Thick Rash Around Scar? (photo)

I started neosporin on post op day 6 and continued to use for 1 week until it was confirmed that I was having an allergic reaction to it. I stopped... READ MORE

Will the Pain Killers Make Me Sick After my BA?

Instead of taking them would extra strength Tylenol help ease the pain? I just really do not want to throw up during my recovery time.. Is there pain... READ MORE

Is this reaction to surgical tape around incision normal? (Photo)

I'm 18 days post BA surgery. My incisions have been about itchy, & when I took the surgical paper tape off this morning, I saw that one side is very... READ MORE

Breast augmentation procedure under local anesthesia?

I am looking for doctors that can do my breast augmentation procedure under local anesthesia. I will like to awake during the procedure because I am... READ MORE

Will my other nipple get its feeling back like the other one? One gets cold & the other doesn't react. Is it normal? (Photo)

Since my surgery in May I have noticed my nipples have had different reactions. One reacts when cold the other is like a pancake. Does nothing. Will... READ MORE

Had BA 4/29 (339cc Gel, Unders) - I Feel Terrible. Had Allergic Reaction to Bactrim After 3 Doses? (photo)

Last dose was morning of 5/01 but the rash continues to worsen and spread. Taking benadryl but doesn't help. No steriod to avoid slowing down healing... READ MORE

I have a reaction to stitches. How long can I expect this to last? (photos)

Had breast augumention 350 cc + lift on the 13 October. From the 1st of November I started getting stitches coming through. Doctors put me on... READ MORE

Do I have a breast infection? (Photo)

It has been about 5 weeks now. My breasts are still red. My doctor thinks that I amhaving a skin reaction or possibly stretch mark. I do not have a... READ MORE

I'm just wondering if this could be my body's reaction to vicryl sutures? (Photo)

7 weeks ago I had 650 HP over muscle implants removed. A revision of mastopexy and 400cc mod profile also over muscle. Everything was great until 7... READ MORE

Reaction to dressing after a boob job

I had a boob job a week ago today during the week I noticed a blister now it's very itchy and red where my dressing has been, I have now changed it to... READ MORE

If a Reaction is Present After Breast Augmentation...should I Removed my Implants?

I am 43 years old. 5" height, 108 weight. I have two kids. I had a breast augmentation surgery in my natal country, 6 weeks ago. The surgeon use 315... READ MORE

Instructions/clarfication for using silicone sheets on inframammary incision scars, plz. 10 wks post BA (Photos)

After removing a silicone sheet, should the scar & surrounding skin have an impresssion the length/width of the sheet used, & be... READ MORE

Is it normal to have muscle spasms occurring all over the body normal after breast surgery?

I had a breast surgery done several years ago. When I got home after my surgery I found it very difficult to control my body from having muscle spasms... READ MORE

Possible allergic reaction after BA. Is this normal or should I seek medical attention? (Photo)

I had BA om Friday the 26th. I am allergic to latex and sometimes even adhesives that are labelled latex free. There is a lot of redness at the bottom... READ MORE

Red breast, has spread in last few weeks, worse as day goes on, warm all time, no creams working. (photo)

6 months since smx and implant Seen surgeon referring me to dermatologist , but driving me crazy itchy , prickly nervy pains , wants to do fat... READ MORE

Worried my antibiotics are making me very sick

Since my surgery, I've developed a high fever of 103 and severe bloody diarrhea and horrible stomach cramps. My breasts aren't red or abnormally... READ MORE

Suture reaction - 1 week out? (Photos)

About a week ago I had a reaction to a suture and my Incision filled with serous fluid. I had my doctor look at it and she open the Incision, drained... READ MORE

Should I try this to avoid capsular contracture?

I recently got a breast augmentation, and reading on this site I found that capsular contracture can be caused by an infammatory reaction. I live a... READ MORE

Taken my dressing off after a boob job. I replaced them with another but it's gotten worse. Is it OK to have none on?

Today is 8 days after having a boob job, I posted yesterday about a reaction to the dressings I replaced them with a different one but today it's got... READ MORE

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