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What Can I Do About Raised/Stretched Skin Above the Sternum? (Photos)

I am post op 6 days currently and I am very concerned about the skin between my breasts. It is extremely stretched, tight, and rasied. Is there... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Augmentation Can You Raise Your Arms?

I am a hair stylist and can't afford a month off work. I raise my arms all day long. Will I be able to go back to work in a week or two at the... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Uneven Nipples and Raised Scars from BA? Is the Placement of my Scar Normal? (photo)

I got my BA done about 1 year ago, through the areola and fully under the muscle (375cc high profile gel silicone). My left nipple sits higher than my... READ MORE

Why Did my Left Nipple Scar the Way It Did and is It a Good Candidate for Revision? (photo)

I had augmentation surgery 18 months ago. The scar on the left nipple is raised and red. I wanted the areola reduced in size on that breast so the... READ MORE

I Had Breast Augmentation a Year and a Half Ago, and One of the Inframammary Scars is Red, Raised, and Very Painful? (photo)

I had breast augmentation 1.5 years ago. Following the procedure, one of the inframammary incisions never healed like the other. The other incision is... READ MORE

How long post-op should scars be red/purple and raised? (Photo)

It has almost been two years since I had a BA and I'm concerned about my scars. They're still VERY visible (I understand in many cases they never... READ MORE

Is this capsular contraction? (photos)

After breast implants were put in I had a hole that leaked blood a few days. Doctor said it was a pimple he popped. The entire side filed with blood... READ MORE

Is my incision infected? (Photo)

I'm nearly 2 weeks post op (11 days). The other side is settling down while this side is raised, swollen and looks as though the stitches have... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Breast Augmentation, I have bruising on one breast. Is this normal?

Two weeks post BA tomorrow. Left breast is looking great. Right breast is badly bruised and stitching scar much more raised and puckered. Is this normal?? READ MORE

Is this normal looking results for anchor lift and augmentation? (photos)

Hello I am 9 weeks post op with full anchor lift and 350 cc on the right and 467 on the left, sientra round silicone mp. I was a 36B before. I have... READ MORE

Can my hypertrophic scars be revised when they are still red and and raised? (photo)

Can my lift scars be revised when still very red and raised or should I wait until they have fully healed? I am 6 month post op and having implants... READ MORE

Will I ever have nice looking nipples? (Photo)

I went for a BA a few years ago and after that I had to go for another surgery now my nipples have raised and bumpy white and red scars my nipples are... READ MORE

What should I do about my surgical scars? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation surgery done in October of 2015. I had an areola reduction on my right breast. For some reason I ended up with these nasty... READ MORE

Are my scars healing properly? (Photos)

I'm concerned about the raised appearance . It's very hot and humid where I live and I'm constantly sweating in the bra . I was told to put gauze and... READ MORE

Will my nipples be raised a little more once the implants drop? (photo)

I just received 450cc saline implants yesterday morning sub muscular I want to know if my nipple will be higher up once the implants settle. READ MORE

There's something wrong please help me! The skin in between my beasts will not go down! I am 2 and a half years Po. (photo)

Why is my skin raised? How can I fix this? Why has this happened? I'm so unhappy and if my skin wasn't raised and there was a gap I would have perfect... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Symmastia concerns?

Hi, I had my BA 11 weeks ago on Thursday and I'm 174cm tall, pre op a 12C and BWD was 14cm, I went 615XHP as I was after big.. After my op I woke up... READ MORE

Are my breasts tuberous? (Photos)

I have always been concerned about my breast shape. My nipples are very puffy and my areola is usually raised when my nipples are not erect. The... READ MORE

I think I have Symmastia? (photos)

I am 7 months po and the skin is very raised in the cleavage area. I got dual plane half under and half over the muscle. READ MORE

I noticed what looks like an air bubble/blister on my right breast incision site. What is this? (photos)

The skin is raised there. I noticed it a day ago and I had my breast augmentation surgery back in March. I e-mailed my plastic surgeon and am seeing... READ MORE

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