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Anatomical Vs. Round for a Protruding Chest Wall? Opinions?

5'5, 127. Tubular breast issue on the right. Also a protruding chest wall. I am a 34A now and am looking for a more full look but not very large.... READ MORE

ONLY One Sided Flared Ribs?

My left rib sticks out more, like by a full inch. and it bothers me, and i was wondering if there was a brace for this? ( I do have pectus excavatum... READ MORE

Is It Normal to See and Feel my Textured Saline Implant? Will It Eventually Poke Through my Skin? (photo)

I had a Breast Aug. on 5/31/12, 300cc textured saline. I am 24 years old, 5' 0" tall and 103lbs. I had very little breast tissue to start with (34A)... READ MORE

Would a Butt Augmentation Help Hide Curved, Protruding Sacrum? (photo)

My sacrum is curved more than usual and sticks out somewhat. There is no excess growth and a surgeon already said I should not have it shaved down. I... READ MORE

What Would Cause my Right Side of Collar Bone to Protrude After Having a Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation almost a month ago and recently my right side collar bone seems to be sticking out/protruding more than the other. In the... READ MORE

Does Breast Augmentation Increase Rib Protrusion Below the Breast and Stomach?

I had 250cc implants removed after 5 1/2 months. It has been 2 1/2 months since removal. My ribs are protruding below the breast crease. Also, my... READ MORE

"Corners" Protruding in Cohesive Silicone Implant 1 Week Post-op?

Last week I had implant replacement surgery from saline high profile 290cc to cohesive silicone mod profile 350cc. Now when i bend slightly or... READ MORE

Why is my rib cage/stomach area bloated and swollen protruding past my bra band!?

I had my BA on Friday, 4 days ago. I have had a bowel movement and pee quite a bit, but my stomach area below my rib cage is swollen and bloated so... READ MORE

Possible to Receive a Large Implant That is Not Filled Up That Much?

I am considering breast augmentation and have an "ideal" look in mind but not sure if it is possible: I would love to have an implant that... READ MORE

Would a BA make my chest look even more obvious? (Photo)

The left side of my chest bone (don't know the name) stick out right in the center of my chest. The right side indents . I'm concerned that a BA Will... READ MORE

What is Happening with my Left Breast Implant? (photo)

I am 5'6", 120 lbs, silicone gel implants. 220 on my right 250 left. READ MORE

2 different shaped breasts. Any suggestions? (photos)

My right breast, in the picture it would be the left side, is straight up and down in the cleavage area then protrudes out. The other breast is... READ MORE

2 week post op reduction, lift, implant. Wound opened underneath nipple of anchor scar? Protruding and worried. (photo)

I have steri strips covering my sutures. There was a smell and leakage. I took a section off and have a wound under my nipple. It's alarming and it's... READ MORE

Was it unrealistic to expect to have an even nipple areola complex? What is wrong with my breasts? (photo)

Right nipple even protrudes? Tape just fell off after 3 weeks and I'm freaking out. My nipple areola complex is jacked up. It's not even close to... READ MORE

Why Are the Sutures Sticking out on Either Side of my Breast Augmentation Incision Site? (photo)

I had a breast augmentation 3 weeks ago and have been healing really well. I noticed, though, that the sutures under my left breast are sticking out... READ MORE

Do I have tubular constricted breasts? Or is it something more? (photos)

My breasts are very "cone shaped" with puffy areolas. The outter parts of my breast feels like there's no tissue, with most of the breast tissue... READ MORE

Is a revision in my future? (Photo)

I'm early post op (10 days) and I know there are months ahead for change but my concern is my right breast. The implant is very visible compared to my... READ MORE

BA: What implant is suitable and can BA correct my protruding nipples (which are lying flat and pointing down south)? (photos)

I'm 35, 110 lbs (5'4' - B-32 inches, W-26 & H-35) & want to achieve a natural look for my body size. I found that a max of 300cc seems great on some... READ MORE

Will my puffy protruded areola stretch out like a normal one? (Photo)

I've always had a puffy areola and recently had a BA two weeks ago. I was told that my areola will stretch out and look like a normal one. Is this... READ MORE

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