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Lifting Arms After Breast Augmentation.

I am a Dental Hygienist at a pediatric office. I know I will not be able to lift, push, pull, ect for weeks following my surgery, but I was wondering... READ MORE

Where Can I Get Male to Female Breast Implants and Can I Get a Consultation? I Want Several Thing Done So This Will Be Ongoing.

I would like to know what I will need to get this surgery done. Such as Phycoligist and Pyscatric approvals. Also what a complete breast implant would... READ MORE

Urine Catheter Normal Following TT and BA with Lift?

I was told by my nurse last night that I will have a urine catheter for three days and I will have to remove it at my fist shower. This is not... READ MORE

What Medical Conditions Should I Make Sure I'm Clear of Before Undergoing Breast Implant Surgury?

I'm close to having high blood pressure but have been taking care of myself before I get there, so are there any health issues that can make my... READ MORE

I Am 12wks Post-op, BA W/right Nipple Lift: Do/can I Continue Using the 'Strap' To Even Out Breasts?

My right breast has 'dropped,spread & settld'nicely. Left breast took longer to drop-12wks later they are still a bit uneven.From bottom... READ MORE

Operative Report for Breast Augmentation Wrong, Should I Do Something?

Four years ago, I had breast augmentation-mastopexy (benelli type) surgery to correct tuberous breasts. The surgery was a failure and I am looking to... READ MORE

From Reading the Replies on Measurement, The Standard of Care is the Plastic Surgeon Should Take Pre-opt Measurements?

One of the replys from a doctor on this site. "This is a standard of care issue! The questions are : Why were no measurements taken? Is your... READ MORE

What is the Expected Standard of Care for Sizing for Breast Aumentation?

If your Plastic Surgeon eyeballed your measurements, and never used a measuring tape to tell me what the width was, is that acceptable standard... READ MORE

Augmentation and Lift During Current Breastfeeding?

Surgeon performed breast lift/aug. I verbally told & documented on paper I was currently breastfeeding. I developed infection & grade IV... READ MORE

My Doctor Never Had Me Sign off to Any Specific Size Implant Before Surgery.. is That Legal?

I am 400cc's I told my doctor I didn't want to be any bigger than 350cc's. (I know many Doc's say 50cc's isn't drastic, but one of my boobs is a 1/2... READ MORE

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