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Breast Augmentation Vs Breast Implants?

What is the difference between breast implants and breast augmentation? which is best to get done? with implants which is best to get gel o silicone ,... READ MORE

What Are the Disadvantages of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery is good for breast, give good shape to your breasts with the help of breast augmentation surgery. what is Disadvantage of... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Incision Sites?

I am concerned about how to decide which is the best incision site for my breast augmentation. Is one incision type more inherently risky than the... READ MORE

Suction Drains for Breast Augmentation Revision

Hi doctors. What are your thoughts of using drains for breast augmentation revisions? My PS is about to perform a capsulorrhaphy on me along with... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation & Rhinoplasty at the Same Time?

I am contimplating having a breast augmentation as well as a Rhinoplasty this summer. Can I do the procedures at the same time? Is there any positives... READ MORE

"Awake" breast augmentation vs general anesthesia. What are the pros and cons?

I'd like to hear PS's share their opinion on the Awake approach to breast surgery (especially doctors in Dallas/Houston areas). Pros, cons, and their... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between a Subareolar Mastopexy and Regular Mastopexy and Am I a Good Candidate? (photo)

I want to improve the shape of my breasts (more rounded. higher nipples) without implants. I thought mastopexy was my best option. After looking at... READ MORE

Keller funnel pros and cons?

Pros and cons of Keller funnel? If they are so great why don't all surgeons use them? Do they really make a huge difference in the size of your scars... READ MORE

Is Under or Over Muscle Best For And Active Person?

Hi I am a bit confused as to whether to get the breast implants under or over the muscles, i am very active, do alot of weight lifting and cardio. But... READ MORE

Breat Augmentation Methodology Advantages and Disadvantages

After losing 186 pounds, I have no breasts at all. I want something other than what I have now which slightly resembles loose socks with small balls... READ MORE

A Cream for Breast Augmentation Vs. Surgery?

I want some cream to have beast augmentation READ MORE

Are There Any Known Disadvantages Towards Having Breast Augmentation at a Younger Age?

I have been seriously considering breast augmentation for about three years now. My concern is that I am quite young compared to most candidates. I am... READ MORE

Have any Doctors used Seri- Silk? How long has your patient had it?

If you have used Seri-Silk, how long has your patient had it and what complications has their been ? If no patient of yours has it, please provide... READ MORE

What's the Best Kind of Breast Augmentation Procedure?

On some breast augmentation boards, many ladies rave about putting the implants fully under the muscle since the muscles fully support the implants... READ MORE

Is It Better to Have a Breast Lift and Augmentation in Two Seperate Operations? (photo)

I'm going to have a breast lift, and an augmentation due to having lost 5 stones. My surgeon said it would be better if I had 2 seperate... READ MORE

Split Muscle vs Dual Plane? (Photo)

I've breastfed 4 children and am done having children. I'm getting ready, 6 days pre-op, to have round silicone implants placed subpectoraly. I am... READ MORE

I want to know all the pros, cons, and benefits of both local AND general anesthesia.

I'm scared to death of this procedure either way. I was introduced to local anesthesia by a plastic surgeron I am looking into. it seems like the... READ MORE

Currently 255cc tear drop, getting round, smaller implants. What are the pros and cons?

Hi,14wks ago i got Tear drop 255cc!i was getting 195/225cc to be a B as i was a A!He decided to go bigger when he saw me.Now i am a C period time a D... READ MORE

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