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Going with 400cc High Profile Silicone, Is This Too Large For My Frame?

At my initial consult I was set on saline & wanting to achieve a small C cup. My PS suggested mod+ with 330 cc's. Then at my pre op I went... READ MORE

I'm a Small Girl, 90 Lbs and 5 Foot Tall. Will 300 CC's Be Too Big?

I am concerned that 300 cc's may be too big, but I definitely want my breasts to be noticeable but natural looking at the same time. My doc said I... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation CC's to go From A to D Cup?

I have a question, how many ccs and high profile or what profile of implants would make my body look proportionate considering I am 5'3 and a... READ MORE

I'm 5'8 and 140 Lbs, What's my Ideal Breast Size?

I'm having my BA in a month, and I still can't decide about size. My doctor told me my breasts are 170cc, so Im a 34A. I would like to know whats the... READ MORE

Will a 400cc High Profile Implant Be Too Big?

I am 5'6" and weigh 106. Doctor told me I have thin skin and not much breast tissue,we would do a high profile, and could do 350 to 400cc.... READ MORE

What Amount of Cc's Would Best Fit my Frame? 800cc Range or Smaller? (photo)

I am 5'4, 104lbs with measurements of 30B-21-33. I also do nude modeling and exotic dancing. I've been contemplating an augmentation but... READ MORE

Is Going from a B Cup to DD Cup too Large for Implants?

I am 18 and not confident with my breasts after breastfeeding for 3 months. I am on my path to becoming a fitness model. I have already gotten photo... READ MORE

32B Considering 400cc... Too Much?

Hi... I´m 20 years old, I´m 5´3" and 115 pounds... I´m a 32B right know I´m considering getting 400cc is it too much? READ MORE

Is 650cc Implants Too Big for Me?

So im going this Thursday to get implants. I have had a Tummy Tuck and now would like to have volume back in my chest. I wear either a 36C or a 38B. I... READ MORE

Big Breast Implants on a Narrow Chest? (photo)

I am 1.60cm ( 5' 3") and 51.5kg (113Ibs.) I have undeveloped breasts so I went to a consultation for breast implants and was disappointed... READ MORE

Will a 550cc Fit my 5'7" 140lb Frame?

Currently a small 34B. 34-28-39 25 years old . 1 breast fed child ... little to no sagging. The surgeon wants to do a high profile (sub muscular) ..... READ MORE

How Many CCs Will Give me a Natural and Proportionate Look?

Im 5'7", 200lbs with large body frame, wide shoulders/chest, small 40B-cup; I look manly. I am scheduled for a BA w/silicon in two weeks, but... READ MORE

Transaxillary Breast Augmentation- Is 375cc Too Big?

I am 67", 123lbs, 28/yo and currently a 34AA... my PS took measurements, decided that a transaxillary would be a good decision because of the... READ MORE

Is Going from a 34b Cup to 36d Cup Too Much?

My concern is if i go to big my skin would strech too much and the probabilities of losing nipple sensation would increase. Im 5 2" , and weight 128 READ MORE

Im 5'2" and 135 Lbs. Are 550 Cc Silicone Gel Too Large for Me?

I just got my implants 2 days ago and cannot tell yet how they will look. I was a small b but I know cup size really dosen't mean much. Do you... READ MORE

Would 375 or 400cc's Look Better on Me. 5'0, 125 Lbs, Petite Build

Having BA in a week. I am 5'0, 125lbs, chest width 34, hips 36.5, waist 30 & current size 34b. I have attached a pic of how I look & how I... READ MORE

I Am 5'0, 125 Pounds is 440 in One Breast & 480 in Another Too Big for my Petite Frame?

Met w/a surgeon today. I am 5'0, 125 pounds, chest width 34, hips 36.5, waist 30. Told him I liked the 400-450 implants after trying them on. At... READ MORE

Currently AA Cup, Opinion on Breast Implants for my Size?

I really want to get breast implant but want to make the right decison about it. Iam really tiny 5ft and 92 pds and Iam an AA cup bra size. I know I... READ MORE

Will 400cc Hp Silicone Implants Be Good For My Body Type?

I am 5'6 @ 135 wear a 34A my breast are 12cm. i have seen two ps one has said i cant go any thing over 300cc yet the other said my starting point... READ MORE

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