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How Can I Keep my Implants from Dropping? (photo)

I had my breast augmentation (400cc round smooth silicone implants -under the muscle) completed two weeks ago. I had a lot of lost volume prior to the... READ MORE

How Do You Make Sure You Don't Get a Huge Gap in a Breast Augmentation & Why Does That Happen? (photo)

How do you make sure you don't wind up with that huge gap between your breasts from a breast augmentation? How and why does that happen anyways? What... READ MORE

Preventing Stretch Marks After Breast Augmentation?

I will be getting a BA soon to correct moderate boobie asymmetry. I anticipate the formation of new stretch marks. As i understand, science has not... READ MORE

How Can I Improve or Prevent Tenting After Breast Augmentation?

I had breast augmentation surgery 2.5 weeks and have mild tenting. Can I do anything pro-active to heal it or prevent further stretching? READ MORE

Doc Says Don't Do Daily Massages for Breast Lift/Aug? Worried About Capsular Contracture.

One week pre-op now....Dr. doesn't want me to start my daily massages for breast lift/aug at least until my next appt in 6 weeks. I am worried... READ MORE

Normal To Take Antibiotics After Breast Aug for Dental Cleaning? Why Exactly? Do You Suggest It? Thx

A big thanks for the great response to my last question. You all helped put my mind at ease. I had breast aug/lift last week. Next month I have a... READ MORE

If a Person Who is Prone to Keloids Wants Plastic Surgery, What Steps Can They Person to Take Reduce the Risk of Scarring?

I am in my mid 20s and I am a black and native American lady. I am thinking about a breast augmentation. I have heard that radiation and steroid... READ MORE

What should be used for bloating/constipation after BA surgery?

I have noticed that many women have extremely horrible bloating and constipation after their breast augmentation. What medicine or over the counter... READ MORE

How to Avoid Teardrop Implant Complication?

If i considered teardrop implant for my BA, placed under the muscle, and the surface is textured? Is there still a possibility for rippling and... READ MORE

What Precautions Can a Surgeon Take to Increase the Chances of Getting a Natural Slope in a Breast Augmentation? (photo)

At first I thought the natural or gentle slope of the upper pole of the breasts are determined by the size of the implant. That is, a smaller implant... READ MORE

Best Cream to Prevent Areolar Scarring?

What is the best scar cream or gel to use post breast augmentation to prevent aereolar scarring? READ MORE

Risk Of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome With Breast Augmentation?

I've read a few articles where it said one of the side effects of breast implantation is thoracic outlet syndrome. Is there a way to avoid this?... READ MORE

How Likely is It to Develop Capsular Contracture?

I am considering getting breast implants, but I'm very worried developing capsular contracture. Have there been any studies about the likelihood... READ MORE

Is there anyway for the patient to prevent muscle flex deformity? Is the patient to blame if this occurs?

I had my breast aug on 3/7/14. I am noticing that my breasts get rock hard and pull towards my arm pits when I use my arms. What is the actual cause... READ MORE

How Can a Woman Best Avoid Breasts Sagging As She Ages?

After helping to dress my grandmother for many years I have become concerned about the possibility of someday having my own breasts sag to my... READ MORE

Breast Tissue Falling Away from Implants 5 Mos After Surgery. Any Way to Prevent Recurrence After Revision?

I had always had heavy sagging breasts...I got a lift/augmentation 5 months ago. The tissue is falling away from the implant already. I am not sure... READ MORE

Can Daily Life Stress Be Another Cause of Capsular Contracture After Breast Augmentation?

It has only been a month since surgery (breast augmentation). And have been concerned of what causes capsular contracture. Can stress cause capsular... READ MORE

What Are Some Risks I Can Expect Getting Breast Augmentation and How to Prevent Them?

I have read testimonials and seen many a pictures of boob jobs gone wrong. My greatest fear is that the implants will 'bottom out' (when the... READ MORE

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