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Stop Taking Birth Control for Breast Augmentation?

Should people stop taking Birth Control if they are going to get a breast augmentation? READ MORE

What should I eat before and after breast augmentation?

I'm having a breast augmentation in two weeks and I want to prepare myself as well as possible. I have to travel by plane to get the surgery done, and... READ MORE

Is it safe to drink 6 days before breast augmentation?

Is it safe to drink 6 days before breast augmentation? READ MORE

Should I Prep my Skin with a Stretch Mark Cream Before Breast Augmentation?

Is it very common for women to end up with stretch marks as a result of BA? I bought Bio Oil and have been using it twice a day..figured it can't hurt... READ MORE

Should I Lay Off Caffeine Before Breast Augmentation?

Should someone lay off caffeine before a breast augmentation? READ MORE

Where Can I Get Male to Female Breast Implants and Can I Get a Consultation? I Want Several Thing Done So This Will Be Ongoing.

I would like to know what I will need to get this surgery done. Such as Phycoligist and Pyscatric approvals. Also what a complete breast implant would... READ MORE

Do I Need Health Insurance Before Considering a Breast Agumentation?

I am considering a breast agumentation, I live in Kansas, I am a 32A and I'm wanting to be a 34C. I don't need to finance because I have the... READ MORE

Low Body-fat and Breast Augmentation: Should I Prepare for Surgery by Gaining Weight?

I'm an athletic woman with ~17% BF considering breast augmentation. I also do regular strength training of the chest (heavy weightlifting). I... READ MORE

I Am 24 Years Old.. Should I Get a Pre-op Mammogram (After Negative Ultrasound) Before Breast Augmentation?

I am a size 32A, 24 year old F getting a breast augmentation. Plastic surgeon advised getting an Ultrasound rather than Mammogram pre-op due to my age... READ MORE

Im Flying out of State to Have a Breast Augmentation; What Are Some Ways to Prepare for Surgery?

Im headed to Miami next week and I'd love to know what I should take ahead of time or purchase when I arrive to have the best outcome! READ MORE

Is it Helpful to Have Pictures of Desired Breast Results?

Are goal pics helpful in determining final size and results of implants? READ MORE

How to Prepare for a Breast Aug?

I am a month away from my breast Aug and would like to know what are things physically, mentally, health wise I can do to prepare for this? What would... READ MORE

Is There Any Surgical Procedure to Stop the Production of Breast Milk to Save the Look of my Implants?

Hello, doctors. I am 22 yrs. old considering breast augmentation the only thing holding me back is the likely chance of children and the effects it... READ MORE

List of Things to Buy/prepare Before BA Surgery?

Aside from cooling packs, pillows, healthy foods and prescriptions... what does a girl need to be comfortable after her BA operation? READ MORE

Breast Aug Surgery Scheduled 11/9. Any Advice for Me to Calm My Nerves?

I scheduled the BA for 11/9 as I felt great after meeting with the PS, talking to spouse, & researching all aspects of the surgery for quite some... READ MORE

Pre BA Exercises Recommended?

Is there any stretches or exercises that can help my body prepare for ba? Stretches? Strengthening? Posture exercises? READ MORE

Do I need a mammogram before breast augmentation?

I have my procedure scheduled next month and haven't done a mammogram. I've just turned 36 and don't have a history of breast cancer in my family, I... READ MORE

What should I stock up on for my breast augmentation recovery time?

I plan on having a BA in December. I want to start buying the supplies I need for my recovery. My list so far: 1. Pretzels/Crackers 2. Pineapple for... READ MORE

What is the Ideal Preparation Before a MACS Face Lift and Breast Augmentation?

My MACS face lift and breast augmentation procedures are now only 7 weeks away. What is the ideal preparation leading up to the surgery? READ MORE

A list of things/items to buy for post op?

My breast augmentation is in 3 weeks.. Want to feel prepared and get everything I need ready.. Already have surgical bras.. And the meds. Ice packs?... READ MORE

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