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Caring for Infants After Breast Augmentation

Will I be able to look after my baby after my breast operation? I have a 6-month- old baby and I am looking to have a breast enlargement operation... READ MORE

Should I Have a Breast Augmentation Before Having Children?

I'm interested in getting implants but unsure whether to get them done before having children. I am 24 years old and about 5.5ft and slim. I would... READ MORE

How to get insurance to pay for breast implants that are leaking and possible has mold behind them? Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Having to go on disability and 2 doctors has diagnose possible leakage and mold. Insurance want pay for surgery because implants put in originally for... READ MORE

Why are my boobs so ugly? (Photos)

I have always hated my breasts. The areolas are huge - my nipples are flat unless aroused or cold, and they're just generally a really ugly bunch!! I... READ MORE

Is Breast Augmentation Less Painful for Women Post Pregnancy?

I read that women who have had babies would have stretched their skin enough to lose volume, which may be helpful to create a breast pocket during... READ MORE

Have I been given the wrong type of implant and pockets? (Photo)

Had lift with implants. Gummy bear, 335 left, 355 right smooth round high protection Sientra; done 1 year ago. my skin is thin after 3 kids but the... READ MORE

Is it normal for no swelling post op? (Photo)

I have had 4 kids. I am 2 days post op I was an A prior. Went in asking for a full C small D. I have Sientra smooth moderate plus. Right is 410cc and... READ MORE

Can a Breast Augmentation Lift the Breast Without Making Them Larger?

What type of augmentation is best for after breastfeeding to fill the loose skin and make breasts sag less? Return to pre-pregnancy size? READ MORE

I want natural looking breasts. Should I choose round or shaped silicone implants? (Photo)

I am 43, nursed 3 kids, went from DD to 34A! I want full youthful C's that look natural but not droopy. READ MORE

Will biplanar breast augmentation be worth it or do i need implants WITH lift? :(

Thanks docs for reading and giving advice. I am a 22 year old mama of one whose gonna make sum changes to my body. I am seeking to become a 36DDDand... READ MORE

Will 255cc implants be big enough to balance my body proportions and restore fullness after 2 babies? (Photo)

I am 33 and have had 2 babies. My breasts were always small but now deflated and flat above the nipple. I want to restore upper pole fulllness and... READ MORE

Can I get a good result with breast augmentation alone (no lift)? (Photo)

35 years old, breast fed 2 children. 5'6 140lb. My main goals are to increase size, replace lost volume & to correct the difference in size. Thinking... READ MORE

Split Muscle vs Dual Plane? (Photo)

I've breastfed 4 children and am done having children. I'm getting ready, 6 days pre-op, to have round silicone implants placed subpectoraly. I am... READ MORE

My breasts look strange cont... Why might this be? (Photo)

Hi I posted before but didn't enough info I'm 27 120 lbs 5'7 had ba 325cc unders 6 days post op I'm a very active person hair stylist and seasoned... READ MORE

What is this large hole on my nipple? (Photo)

See pic, this is what it looks like after Please see pic. I get this recurring about 1-2 yrs apart. A large hard ball of white stuff comes out then... READ MORE

I'm 6 weeks post op and my breast are uneven. Will I need another surgery? (Photo)

I am six weeks post op and unhappy. I was pretty symmetrical prior to surgery but due to two pregnancies very flat. Will my right breast drop, am I... READ MORE

Do you think I need a lift?

I'm wanting to get a breast enlargement after breastfeeding two children. I am hoping to avoid a lift because of the cost involved. Would it be... READ MORE

Is this what I should look like at three weeks post op? (Photo)

I am a 40yr old mom of one who decided it's time for a mommy make over.. I wanted a bilateral breast augmentation with a lift, a full C cup, & reduce... READ MORE

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