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How soon can I go in a hot tub after Breast Augmentation?

I am going to be getting my augmentation in 2 weeks now and for me its that time of year that the lake and water is going to be a huge part of my... READ MORE

Indentation After Breast Augmentation

I had breast implants in June of 2008. It seems that I have an indentation under each breast. And it looks like my original smaller breast is just... READ MORE

Will Chest Exercise Increase Post Operative Breast Augmentation Pain?

I'm working out regularly in the gym so my chest muscle are tight although my skin is loose and breast have lost volume and saggy after having baby. I... READ MORE

Why do some people have drains post breast augmentation surgery?

I am researching for breast augmentation. I have noticed some women have tubes to drain post op..? What is that?! & why? READ MORE

Burning skin all over body with rash hot to touch 5 weeks post-op (photo)

Been on steroid cream steriods which helped keflex can this be from disovlable stiches or what? its not a change of soap nothing is diffrent started 3... READ MORE

Should I take antibiotics post Breast Augmentation or not?

So I'm a little confused, my augmentation is on 2 days, anyway one surgeon I went to said he prescribes oral antibiotics after the surgery. However... READ MORE

Left Breast Nipple Got Smaller and Darker After Surgery!

My left breast nipple got done surgery four times in 5 months. (one for breast implants, one for remove blood, one for reconstruction, one for... READ MORE

Small breast implants. Will they drop and project more in a few months? (photos)

My goal size was a C cup and I chose the 350cc high profile sub muscular. (I had to get 325 cc in one breast to even them out. I was a 32A before and... READ MORE

I have a white shaped large bump by my nipple incision: is this normal? (photo)

Hi everyone, I noticed a small white bump on my left breast by the nipple incision the other day, I didn't think anything of it until today... It... READ MORE

Is 3.5 Wks Post Op Too Early to Tell if Breasts Will Even out? (photo)

Hello I had 425cc mod + a few weeks ago and it seems like one breast is a different shape than the other, even a little smaller. I know the difference... READ MORE

How often are the post op appointments for a breast augmentation?

As an out of town patient from Canada how often are the post op appointments for a breast augmentation? BA in Florida from Canada. READ MORE

7 Day After Breast Surgery and it looks small:( (Photos)

Hello, I had my breast agmentation on 12/26/13 and as of today on my 7th day after the surgery I am a little disappointed with the size look. I had... READ MORE

Can I still go braless after breast augmentation?

I am very much interested in getting a breast augmentation. However, I prefer to be braless most of the time. I'm currently a small 34C and almost... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post-Op, Can I Gain Better Asymmetry? (photo)

I am currantly 12 days post op from breast englargement surgery I have scoliosis of the spine so my chest wall stick out further on the left side my... READ MORE

Should I pull out the nylon which is sticking out of my nipple? (Photos)

I am Po 18 days. Nipples look great after breast augmentation plus nipple lift, but today while I was bio oiling, my finger ran over a piece of sharp,... READ MORE

5 weeks post breast augmentation. Procedure was done out of state. How can I find a local doctor? (Photo)

Hello I had 400 ccs round silicone implants under the muscles done in Aug 26, 2015 with a great doctor in Miami. Recovery has been smooth and I'm very... READ MORE

Doctor Put in Smaller CCs than Discussed, Now Wants to Charge for Revision to Enlarge, What Can I do?

My doctor didn't put the size i wanted. I told him million times to put between 400cc - 500cc and he put 300cc. He didn't listen to me. He insisted on... READ MORE

What is the best type of bra to wear post-op? (Photo)

My doctor did not supply me with a post-op surgical bra, but instead told me to purchase a specific underwire wonderbra. Well, that bra doesn't come... READ MORE

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