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Odd-shaped Breasts After Augmentation

I just had breast implants 6 weeks ago and I'm starting to feel a little discouraged. Since augmentation my breasts have an odd shape. They're kind of... READ MORE

Under Muscle Breast Augmentation for Tight Pectorals?

I'd like to enhance my breasts and am looking at the options.  I am a fitness competitor and trainer and I worry about the effects of under the... READ MORE

How Do I Sleep After my BA?

I just got my BA done the other day..and I notice that while sleeping flat on my back my implants seems to get more tighter than ever...and they... READ MORE

Nipples Don't Sit the Same, and Point Outward Instead of Forward? (photo)

Hi all, my breast seem to look quite didferent. My nipples arnt sitting on the same level so to speak, also if I get implants, I have a fear they will... READ MORE

How long after Breast Augmentation should I sleep elevated?

I am one week post op and I have been sleeping/sitting reclined for seven days... When can I sleep flat on my back? Will this effect my ps results? READ MORE

Can Nipple Position Be Corrected After Breast Lift/augmentation? (photo)

I am 10 weeks post op and my right nipple is positioned higher on my breast and closer to the inside edge than the left breast. The right nipple now... READ MORE

Uneven Breast and Areola Position?

3weeks ago A to a B cup, over the muscle 195cc, tear shape implants, lifting and areola reduction. In my pic I point out my concerns blue: hallow spot... READ MORE

Socks to Shape my Breasts

My Dr has advised me to placed balled up socks in the side of my bra following surgery to help position my breasts. I was very small and the skin and... READ MORE

What Causes Nipples to Be Close Together After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I'm wondering what causes the nipples to be the cause of nipples being close together and how to avoid that. The first photo is of the patient before... READ MORE

3 Weeks Ago Had Breast Implants With Lift and Having Sagging and Other Issues? (photo)

I Had Silimed Anatomical 180cc Moderate Profile Breast Implants, Subglandular Placement, in Conjunction with a Lift. I am really worried because the... READ MORE

Implants Sitting Extremely High 3 Months Post Op? (photo)

I'm 3 months post op and very concerned about my implants sitting so high. I got 600cc, under the muscle with a lift. Implants move nicely in a... READ MORE

Would you consider the position of my nipples/areola's to be in the middle of my breast mound or laterally positioned? (photo)

Are my nipples properly centered on the breast mound, or are they too laterally positioned? If so, what kind of revision could be done too more center... READ MORE

Should I Consider an Implant Re-position? (photo)

I'm18 years old and I weight around 158 lbs and I'm 5'5'' tall. I had breast augmentation surgery, I went from a size a to c cup. Its been a month and... READ MORE

Is This Malposition, Bottoming Out? (photo)

Hi I have one breast lower then the other .I am not happy with the result .What cause this asymmetric and what can I do to correct this . Is my... READ MORE

Can Nipples be centered on the breast?

I am getting a Breast Augmentation. I was told that what I have will be the same but more volume. I have an issue where my nipples are farther out... READ MORE

What Happened to my Implants? (photo)

Initially after surgery, and even 3 weeks post-op, I LOVED my results. Within the last week I have noticed a drastic change in the position and shape... READ MORE

7 weeks post op, extremely depressed with BA results, surgeon says they are fine when I am so severely unhappy! (photo)

I had a breast aug 7 weeks ago and am severely unhappy with the results. My surgeon is refusing to see an issue, saying that they are perfect and that... READ MORE

Sleeping After BA?

I am one week post breast augmentation and have been sleeping on the couch or recliner to stay on my back. Is it safe to sleep in the bed with pillows... READ MORE

Would you recommend breast feeding after Breast Implants?

Hi Doctors =) I've nursed one child and plan to have a second (and last) baby in the next couple of years. Would it be better to wait until I've... READ MORE

Do I Need Another Operation to Sew Back the Muscle in Order to Lift the Right Breast After Implants?

I just had breast augmentation and my doctor insisted in lowering the right breast,even though was smaller than the left one. now after the operation... READ MORE

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