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Why are my breasts separated, nipples puffy, and very pointy? (photos)

I'm 19 and my breasts are seperated, pointy and my nipples are puffy constantly. My breasts have been like this ever since I can remember and I... READ MORE

Will Breast Augmentation Help Decrease Puffy Nipples? (photo)

I have always hated my breasts, they never filled out like most womens, and look pre pubescent. I am getting 325 CCs in a few weeks and wanted to know... READ MORE

Why do I have pointy breasts after implants? (photo)

I have 375cc mod + and I'm only 4 days post op, but already I'm extremely unhappy with my results. All I see when I look in the mirror are breasts... READ MORE

I'm 16 yrs old. What Breast development stage am I in?

I am 16years old in 3 months ill turn 17 and well my breasts are not round like other girls, for example when my nipples are soft my boobs are pointy... READ MORE

Silimed Conical Implants - Will They Make my Breasts Pointed?

I previously posted this Q. Unaware alot of surgeons didnt know about conical implants. Please see this link; READ MORE

My nipples are pointy and puffy. Could I have tubular breasts? (photos)

I've been told I could have tubular breasts, which I don't know a lot about and would like any other opinions please.. My nipples are or ever pointy... READ MORE

I thought my breasts were just pointy--are they actually tubular? (photo)

Sorry the pictures aren't great...I've always had serious hatred for my breasts. I thought they were just pointy. I decided to google to see if other... READ MORE

Fix my Nipples? (photo)

I like my breasts and don't want them any bigger since they are proportional to my body. I do know that one is bigger than the other but it doesn't... READ MORE

Tuberous breasts? Late bloomer? Or just normal? (Photo)

I'm very self conscious about my breasts. i recently read something that led me to believe i have tuberous breasts. I don't have much fat underneath... READ MORE

2 day post op, will my boobs stay pointy?

Hi, I had a breast enlargement I had slightly tuberous breasts before and I had 410cc smooth high profile over the muscle implants. I am only 2 days... READ MORE

Non-surgical options for pointy breasts? (photos)

I have pointy breast that I reallyy dislike besides also of the size I beleive my right one is bigger than my left one ; ((I'm from tampa fl and I'm... READ MORE

I'm a little worried about my side profile, they look like tacos ... how long will it take to drop?

I was a A34 before surgery. looking at my boobs so far, would you say my doctor did a good job? I am currently 4 days post op and READ MORE

Will my boobs still be this pointy after a Breast Augmentation? (photos)

I feel like my boobs are very pointy and shaped like cones. It's one of the biggest complaints I have about them. Once I get implants, will I be able... READ MORE

Can Anything else Be Done to Fix Tuberous Breast? (photo)

I had augmentation 400cc silicone on 4/15/11 to fix tuberous breasts.7/12/11 I had a in office procedure to fix the right breast which was pointy and... READ MORE

Can I sue my Dr if he refuses to correct his mistake? (photo)

I got my boob implants June 3 and they are really pointy still ever since day with they were put in me.when I woke up from surgery I noticed they were... READ MORE

Is one nipple Pointing sideways ? (photos)

Please excuse psoriasis it's just abit angry from constantly wearing sports bra and not be able to moisturise. But does one nipple seem to be pointing... READ MORE

Are my breast tuberous? Am I a good candidate for surgery? (photo)

My breast never developed they have always been kind of pointy and the nipple is very puffy.. am I a good candidate for surgery? READ MORE

Small (36A), pointy breasts. Are above the muscle, "gummy-bear" implants ideal?

I'm no fitness freak, but I enjoy working out/ lifting weights; hence was told above the muscle would be better. But would the form stable,... READ MORE

Is that how they should look like? (photos)

I had BA 5 days ago. Implants used were Motivia and both placed sub-muscular (475cc right, 450cc left). I really don't like the way they look. Will... READ MORE

Do I have tubular / constricted breasts?? (photos)

I'm wanting to get a BA end of this year and am concerned they will come out strange and pointy because my boobs are slightly pointy and don't have... READ MORE

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