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How Long Do Muscle Spasms After a Breast Augmentation Last?

I have gone from a small B cup to having 500 cc implants. I am having to take Valium just to perform the exercises to form the pockets. READ MORE

When I Lay Down my Chest is Flat and Implants Fall to the Outsides - is That Normal?

Its been over a year since my BA. I still would like them larger but that's another matter. When I lay down on my back, my implants fall to the... READ MORE

Am I Doing the Correct Breast Augmentation Post-op Massage So As Not to Widen Pocket?

I have sub- pectoral saline implants 360-380cc. I am seven weeks post-op. I have only been doing massage of implants inward to encourage implants to... READ MORE

21 Day Post Op, Right Side Still Swollen, Not Dropping. Was the Implant Pocket Not Big Enough?

21 Days Post Op. I got smooth Saline Mod Profile Implants placed under the muscle. My right side has been high/swollen since my surgery. It feels a... READ MORE

Big Pocket Under Arm After Breast Augmentation

I have Saline implants under the muscle and my right implant has always been a little off to the right. If I flex my chest muscles, my right implant... READ MORE

One of my Breasts is Loose and Sliding Around in the Pocket- What Can I Do?

I had augmentation four months ago. One of them is considerably lower than other and slides around in the pocket. How can this be fixed? READ MORE

Left Side Not Dropping Anymore

I'm 11 wks + 1 day post op (benelli w/implants) & my left implant seems to be stuck & not wanting to move down. It moves freely from side... READ MORE

Overdissected Pocket? Uneven Implants

I am 7 weeks post BA. My lefty has dropped below the scar, whereas the other sits perfectly in the crease. I am currently wearing a strap underneith... READ MORE

Implants Look Different, Can It Be Fixed?

I had a breast lift with saline implants placed under the muscle on 2/25/11.The left side has dropped and is perfect but the right side has always... READ MORE

Going from 300CC to 375CC. Do You Have to Create a New Pocket for a Larger Size Implant?

I'm5'2 95lbs currently 300, I want to increase to 375. i was told that for the second surgery there is no need to increase the pocket size.... READ MORE

What is the best route to fix lateral displacement of my right implant? (photos)

Would a pocket revision with sutures work or would adding Strattice or something similar be better? I also want to go larger. I am a 32d right now,... READ MORE

Injection into Breast Pocket for Pain

I've read that many surgeons inject a long-lasting anesthetic into the breast pocket during augmentation to reduce pain. I am VERY anxious about... READ MORE

Is It Possible for the Pocket To Widen By Movement After Surgery?

I had a BA six weeks ago. I am nervous that my pocket could widen by movements I do after reading some horror stories on the web. I had 360/380 sub... READ MORE

Did the Suregry Go Wrong, Were the Pockets Made Uneven at Surgery?

4weeks later, boobs have not settled. They sit high, been told to keep massaging them to aid the process. I'm pushing/massaging up and down, so... READ MORE

What Pocket to Place New Implant - Existing or New?

I had breast augmentation about 6 years ago and have capsular contraction in my left breast with noticable implant outline. The implants were placed... READ MORE

What is wrong with my implant and How can this be fixed? (photos)

I feel like my PS is downplaying this problem. My 1st pic shows an indention where a drain tube had actually kinked and stuck up out of my implant. 3... READ MORE

3+ month post surgery, implant switch from 255cc to 200 or 175cc. Will recovery be minimal, using the original pocket? (Photo)

At 3 months post op I'm a D cup instead of desired full B/small C. Wanted to replace volume lost (I was down to A or very small B prior). I'm unhappy... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision with Lift Concerned About Pocket Placement? (photo)

I had a breast aug in nov 2012 and my doctor did a bad job. Bottoming out? He placed the implant to low. I'm getting a revison. Several other opinions... READ MORE

10 months post op of Breast Augmentation, my right breast implant move back up into its pocket. Is this normal? (photos)

10 months PO, and everything has gone beautifully up until 1 month ago. Out of nowhere, my right breast crept back up in it's pocket. I was prescribed... READ MORE

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