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Are nipple piercings ok to be replaced after breast augmentation? (Photo)

I had my BA July 23. My PS suggested I take my nipple rings out never to put them back in but I've done some research and see that some surgeons... READ MORE

I have recently gotten my nipples pierced. Will this be a problem with a breast augmentation?

I got my nipples pierced about a monthago and am wondering if it is going to be a problem with a breast augmentation. I will keep them after the... READ MORE

Infected nipple piercing. Should I get on an antibiotic to get rid of the infection before surgery?

I got my nipples pierced 6 months ago and they just have refused to heal and now get bloody, sore and have puss discharge as nasty as that sounds. I'm... READ MORE

Will I need to remove my tongue piercing for a breast implant surgery? Could I put a plastic one in?

Closing time for people on this piercing is always different. It could happen almost immediately and could never close up. I have never taken my... READ MORE

Realistic Expectations and a Question Regarding My Piercings? (photo)

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted large, fake-looking breasts, I would say that this desire has its roots in my early adolescence when I... READ MORE

What is the best numbing cream for piercings other than dr.numb?

I am getting my nipples pierced for the second time. My surgeon cleared me after I have gone breast augmentation surgery. I don't remember my first... READ MORE

Vaginal piercing and day of surgery - What should I do?

I have a VCH (vaginal clit piercing) and I wanted to know if I can keep my ring in during surgery. If not would a plastic retainer be ok? I do not... READ MORE

Is it safe to put my nipple piercing back in after Breast Augmentation?

Hi! I had my nipple pierced years ago and recently got subglandular BA. Since then Iv put the bar in a few times just to keep it open then removed it... READ MORE

Can I can get my nipples pierced after breast augmentation?

I had surgery about 3 years ago. (Silicone unders, crease incision) Iv been wanting to get them done and just worried about the complications. I know... READ MORE

Nipple piercing before breast augmentation?

I want to get my nipples pierced eventually but I heard of more risk of infection if you get it after the ba. Is 4 months enough time to heal before a... READ MORE

What if I can't remove all my piercings?

I have a VCH (Clit hood) piercing that I can't remove. I have breast augmentation surgery tomorrow and I just attempted to remove it and can't get the... READ MORE

BA and Piercings?

Booked in for BA in march, had a piercing in august 2012 .. if my industrial /scaffold (ear cartilage) piercing is infected will they do the surgery?... READ MORE

Re-peircing nipple after augmentation: Possible?

I had my breast augmentation 10 days ago. I had my nipple pierced so had to take it out for it but when i went to put it back in i cant, the holes are... READ MORE

Can my nipples be pierced? Will I be able to keep my piercing in if I decide to get a breast augmentation? (Photo)

I have recently found out that I have a mild form of tuberous breast deformity and I will like to know if will be able to pierce my nipples despite... READ MORE

I wish to get a breast enlargement but I have my nipples pierced. I was wondering if I can keep plastic bars in?

I want to get a breast enlargement but I have my nipples pierced I was wondering if there was any chance I could keep the bars covered with a cotton... READ MORE

My body has rejected body piercings in the past. How might my body react to under the muscle saline implants?

I'm 21 years old, 5'1" and about 115 pounds. I am a 32AA, so I have a very small chest. I am extremely interested in having breast augmentation... READ MORE

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