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Where is the Best Place to Find Pictures of Breasts That I Can Give my Surgeon?

I just need to find some really good breast pictures so that I can give the one I like best to my new surgeon when he does my replacement implants... READ MORE

Breast Aug - Naked Eye Vs. Pictures. Why Do They Look Different?

When I look at my breast augmentation in the mirror, I am pretty satisfied with the outcome. It's been a few years now that I've had my... READ MORE

Before and after pictures of breast augmentation for patients with large breasts who want huge breasts? (photos)

Many women who want breast implants are looking to size up to a D or E from much smaller, but what I want to see are pictures where the patient was... READ MORE

Please See Pictures. Is This Normal? (photo)

It's not painful but looks awful... Is this normal? I only have it on my left breast. READ MORE

Should a Patient Trust Breast Surgery Before and After Photos?

I am going to have a breast lift and breast augmentation combo. I am new to the area (Missouri) and do not know anyone, let alone anyone who has had... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Breast Augmentation in New York City

I am looking for a doctor in NYC that can help me accomplish natural-looking breast implants. If you have a recommendation, I would love if you... READ MORE

What to take to my breast augmentation consultation?

I have my BA consultation in a few weeks and want advice on what to take to my consultation. I know i should take pictures but what else? READ MORE

Can I see some pictures of one sided breast asymmetry correction?

Hi there. I have a decision to make and I was wondering if I could see some before and after pictures of patients who have undergone surgery for... READ MORE

My wife is considering breast implants. What is the process/criteria we should be using when looking at before/after pic?(photo)

My wife is considering implants. After our two children her breasts have diminished. I think they are still fine, but I know she would feel she is... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to opt out of post-op (or "after") pictures for my BA?

I understand the value of pre-op pictures for my medical file, but would strongly prefer not to have any post-op pictures taken. Is this at all... READ MORE

Is it okay to show my doctor pictures of other surgeons BA before and afters?

I have seen a few pictures of before and afters Breast Augmentations that I really like and that I don't like. Is it okay for me to bring those... READ MORE

How long do Drs wait before taking "after" pictures?

I have looked through hundreds of before and after pictures from different ps and they all look really tight and pointy. Not one picture looks natural... READ MORE

Why do surgeons sometimes only post side/oblique views of breast augmentation before/after?

I'd think the front view is the most important, so why do some surgeons opt to not include a front view on some photos? Some surgeons don't have ANY... READ MORE

Can some Doctor's please post before and after pictures of Breast implant removal no lift?

I have 500cc silicone implants. I originally was a 34B cup now I am almost a DD and I hate them. I got them done originally in September 2011, then... READ MORE

How can I choose the right pictures to show my doctor? (Photo)

He does not use sizers just said to bring in pictures but I'm scared bc on his b4 and afters he has not done a lot of big breast so if I want them a... READ MORE

I would like to take all my documentation and pictures my surgeon did on my breast to a new doctor to do my surgery, can I?

The options that my surgeon gives me I feel like are based off his experience with the situation of my breast and I do not think he has dealt with my... READ MORE

Are there any doctors where I can directly send pictures of my breasts to?

I want to know what's wrong wit them and what kind of surgery I need to make them get the round perky shape but id rather not have my breasts out... READ MORE

I want to do Breast Implants but what is it I search for? (photos)

Ive been researching for months like do i search for a doctor that says he can do exactly like my wish pic ? Are there terms? I the wish pic girl says... READ MORE

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