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Lollipop Lift Vs. Periareolar Lift for Breast Augmentation

My two favorite surgeons are recommending different approaches to my lift/ augment (Also Tummytuck). One prefers a lollipop lift and recommends 280 to... READ MORE

Transaxillary vs. Periareolar Breast Augmentation

Me and my husband are arguing about haveing the transaxillary incision. I'd rather do the Periareolar one. Which is best? READ MORE

Areola Necrosis After Breast Augmentation

I had a periareolar breast augmentation with 375 cc implants. My size was a cup A. After the surgery I have had terrible pain for 20 days and tissue... READ MORE

Are my Areola Incision Scars Healing Well? (photo)

I am an African American 8 months post op (breast aug) and I am very worried about how my scars are healing. They often appear bright pink or red.... READ MORE

Will my 2 Inch Cleavage Improve? (photo)

Im 1 day post op. doing well for now. I had 425 cc HP silicone unders preaerola. My only concern is before the surgery my dr told me i will have only... READ MORE

Is Exercising Changing my Implants?

I received my BA 12/16/10. Under the muscle Silicone Gel Med Profile 400cc thru areola. I was a 34A cup pre-op, nursed 2 babies so I had 0 breast... READ MORE

Long-term Problems from Peri-areolar Breast Augmentation Technique?

Does going through the areola for breast augmentation cause any long term problems such as problems with mammograms or cancer? Does a donut lift with... READ MORE

Lowering Breast Crease After Augmentation?

What complications can occur for lowering a breast crease and a periareolar mastopexy on one breast so that it is symmetrical with the other breast..... READ MORE

After BA, The Ring Around my Right Areola Feels Like It Has Snapped, It Doesn't Contract Anymore, What Happened? (photo)

I have had implants for 2 1/2 years the implants seem to be fine they are under the muscle.I had a hard ring around each areola which i thought was... READ MORE

Possible to Do Silicone Breast Augmentation Via Periareolar Incision?

I was looking to get a breast aug with silicone implants of 300ccs. When I went to the plastic surgeon today for my initial consultation, the surgeon... READ MORE

Loss of Sensibility After a Breast Augmentation Surgery Through Periolar Incision

I am a 26 years old female and I just had a breast augmentation and areola reduction through periareolar incision 3 weeks ago. Before the surgery, the... READ MORE

Periareolar incision vs inframammary... which is best?

Also, what's the research data regarding scarring in hispanic/latino women? Anything that specifies the best outcomes as far as incisions within this... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Insicion Site Sore and Bleeding

I am almost 3 months post op. 520CC, Anatomical, unders, periareolar incision. Everything seemed to be healing up fine, but about a week ago both... READ MORE

If you spit one stitch, does it usually mean there will be more? (periareolar incision) (photo)

If you spit one stitch, does it usually mean there will be more? I just spit one six weeks out and can feel a few more bumps. How great is the risk of... READ MORE

Sizing Question W/ Pics and Measurements? (photo)

I am having gels placed under the muscle, periareolar incision. PS suggested 300cc based on the photo I brought with me. Now I want to go bigger. My... READ MORE

Will Large Silicone Replacement and Peri Areolar Lift Perk My Breasts?

I have small saline under the muscle implants. Had one child and they sag now and my nipple is completely flat. I want areolar lift and areolar... READ MORE

Help with dressing and stitches post periaereolar breast augmentation

I am 12 days post breast augmentation using a periaereolar incision with dissolvable stitches. I have been cleaning the wounds and changing the... READ MORE

I Had an Augmentation/lift Via Periareolar Incision 1 Week 12 Days Ago? Do I Still Need Bandaids? (photo)

Should I continue to keep putting band aids and/or gauze over the incisions after applying the neosporin 2 twice a day? At what point will I be able... READ MORE

Is It Okay That my Periareolar Incision Looks Like a Crease Incision? Whats the Best Way to Heal the Areola Scars? (photo)

Im post op 2 weeks. My ps told me i can take off the bandages whenever i feel like. So i did last night. Im a little concerned. My areola incision is... READ MORE

How long does it take for a dehisced incision to heal? How bad will the scar be?

I had a periareolar mastopexy and implants placed under the muscle about one month ago. My incisions appeared to be scabbed around the 3rd day post op... READ MORE

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