Payment Plan + Breast Augmentation

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How do you pay for plastic surgery? Payment Plans for Breast Augmentation?

How do you pay for plastic surgery? I am getting Breast Augmentation eventually, but I don't know if you can pay little by little or if I should... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Payment Plans?

Are there payment plans for breast augmentation? I'm located in Utah. READ MORE

Can my Boyfriend Apply for Cosmetic Surgery Financing but Use It for Me if Approved?

I really want to get a breast augmentation along with fat injection's put in my face but I have bad credit and I'm not working...I'm a... READ MORE

Has Anyone Ever Used for a Cosmetic Surgery and Would You Suggest It?

I am about to get a breast augmentation and I was denied by carecredit because of a somewhat low credit score. Has anyone ever dealt with surgeryloans... READ MORE

Financing/Payment Plans for Breast Augmentation/Implants (photos)

Breast Implant majorly. I am A single mom forever working at a pediatric clinic . Been wanting to have a Breast Augmentation. I am 116 lbs 5'3".I... READ MORE

Do I have to pay upfront or can I make payments?

I was wondering if I decided to get breast augmentation, would I have to pay the full amount upfront or could I make monthly payments? If so, what... READ MORE

Are There Any Doctors in the Raleigh NC Area That Would Be Willing to Do an In-house Payment Plan?

I have heard of Drs. and dentists that do this...I am wondering if there are any doctors in the Raleigh area that would be willing to do this with out... READ MORE

Can I Get Implants Like on Payment Plan?

I want to pay lil by lil because I need to bild credit . Is that possible? READ MORE

Fixing uneven breasts? What kind of surgery? Cost? Payment plans? (Photo)

Since I was 16 one breast grew and the other did not. I have a nice perky A cup and a more saggier D+ cup. This has made me very insecure with wearing... READ MORE

What is the credit score required for approval with CareCredit? What about payment plans through your surgeon?

I will be putting down a descent size deposit for my Breast Aagumentation but I sure I will need some help covering the rest. READ MORE

Help 1300 Down for Breast Augmentation Dfw T? Care Credit Denied Me, Looking For Payment Arrangements?

I am 25 , I got married when I was 16 and divorced 18 months ago . I've been trying to rebuild my credit for over a year. I dont have many bills, I... READ MORE

Are Thare Discounts for Having Two Sets of Breast Implants at Once?

Are there any Drs available and willing to give a discount on having two implants for me and my niece done. Drs in bakersfield or surrounding areas READ MORE

I am considering Breast Augmentation, what are the financing companies that are able to help me?

I am considering Breast augmentation , I am 34 B want to get 34 C . I am a Part time student with a Part time job, Paying for the surgery in full is... READ MORE

Can you give me an estimate of costs/payment plans available for breast aug, based on before and after pics supplied? (Photo)

The pictures I chose below, in the first one I would say I am about the lady's size in the before picture and I want to get as big as her after... READ MORE

I really need a breast augmentation . Do you have a kind of payment plan?

ASAP but I have a little money. Do you have a kind of payment plan. How much will I have to put down? How much will I have to put down? READ MORE

18 y old college student, 32A want Breast Augmentation to achieve full C or smaller D cup. Payment plans? Consultation? SD, CA

I am 5'5, 119 lbs and I'm a 32A. My question is about payment. What payment plans are available? With my job, bills and general cost of living it... READ MORE

I need cosmetic procedures, but I can't get approved for a loan.

I am a dancer aspiring to go professional in the NBA or NFL however I am flat chested and have a less than desirable smile. Are there any ways to get... READ MORE

Breast augmentation price and payment plans?

Can you pay a certain amount, then make payments on the remaining amount? READ MORE

Breast Augmentation- Is there such thing as a payment plan?

Hey there. I am a 21 year old who has been seriously thinking about a breast augmentation to even out and enlarge my breasts. (I have one 34 A and one... READ MORE

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