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Can I sue my plastic surgeon for my Breast Augmentation which I am not at all happy with?

I went to a arrogant careless plastic surgeon following him not really listening to me I have undesirable results. Will I be able to sue? I was... READ MORE

I backed out of Breast Augmentation The day of Surgery. The doctor's office will not give me any of my money back. What do I do?

OK, so I take responsibility for my actions. I am well aware that I have wasted their time and filled a time slot that could have been used for... READ MORE

Botched Breast Augmentation and Lift; is Corrective Surgery Possible? (photo)

HELP!! Received botched breast lift/aug. I requested my records and saw that the Doc placed implants subglandular ( without my consent) rather than... READ MORE

What Are my Rights As a Patient That's Had a Terrible Breast Augmentation?

I had breast augmentation and a lift done in March of this year (2010). I am very unhappy with my results. The breast that was suppose to have had the... READ MORE

Botched Breast Augmentation? Lift Paid for and Not Done and the Possible Development of Double Bubble? (photo)

With the initial consust my surgeon stated that I would likely need a mini lift; however, the day before the MM he informed me that with my 475cc... READ MORE

What Rights Do I Have? PS Changed the Operating Procedure As I Lay on the Table Hooked Up to IV and Ready to Go.

I am 115 lbs. 5'7". A-C. We agreed to go with a high profile, smooth, round, saline submuscular implant. Surgery in August. PS talked to me,... READ MORE

Breast Implants - Worth a Law Suit?

Hello. I had a breast augmentation (silicone overs). Two weeks after, I had an artery bleed out. My breast swelled up to the size of a football. I was... READ MORE

Is It Possible for a Dr to Tell You They Are Giving You 400 Cc Implants and Really Give You 350? (photo)

I am looking at my old paperwork since I am getting a revision..I have never been satisfied with my size after my surgery . The mentor card I found... READ MORE

Worried about before and after photo privacy

I had a boob job 3 months ago and My surgeon took before and after pictures of my chest for referencing. I am now worried the hospital will use my... READ MORE

My Doctor Never Had Me Sign off to Any Specific Size Implant Before Surgery.. is That Legal?

I am 400cc's I told my doctor I didn't want to be any bigger than 350cc's. (I know many Doc's say 50cc's isn't drastic, but one of my boobs is a 1/2... READ MORE

Do I Have Leagal Recourse?

My surgeon did not perform my breast lift, after I paid him. He decided in surgery that after he put in the implants, he was not sure I needed the... READ MORE

Are family members working secretly in the office a conflict of interest?

After meeting my surgeon, his two office girls, booking and having surgery I do some online research to find out that the surgeon is married to one of... READ MORE

Is Agreed upon surgery not performed malpractice / battery/ exceeding scope of consent?

Prior to surgery me and the surgeon agreed on using 2 different size implants for my augmentation because I had asymmetric breasts. The surgeon did... READ MORE

How is the patient compensated for a failed procedure?

Md gets pd for a procedure that he is confident he can do. The failed procedure is worse than what you had previously. How is the pt compensated? READ MORE

Surgeon might not have done the whole procedure - another surgeon did one half. How can I find out who the other surgeon was?

I have reason to believe my surgeon did not do the surgery we agreed on. He let it slip that an other surgeon did it. One side of the chest turned out... READ MORE

My doc did a revision without correcting the pockets. one implant is over & one under. How do I get him to fix this on his dime?

Doctor did not change the breast pockets in my revision surgery. Now he says in three months he can let out the stitching on the right (under the... READ MORE

Who pays for unrealized results and damages to my wife?

The doctors recommendations to attain our stated results ended up netting no increase in bra size on the left breast and a size DECREASE of a half a... READ MORE

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