Overfilled + Breast Augmentation

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750cc - I Want to Be Large

I woud like to be a extremely large size i was hoping with 750cc breast implant i could have that with shooth round moderate PLUS profile saline......... READ MORE

300cc Overfilled to 350-370cc Natrelle Saline HP SubFacial Breast Implant? (photo)

29 yr old, 125lbs, 0 kids, workout frequently. Had my Pre-Op appointment this morning. my doctor stated the best for my measurements is 300CC... READ MORE

Overfilling Natrelle 68MP 390cc

I am getting my surgery first thing tomorrow morning and I just wanted to clarify something to clear my conscious. I've read that many PS like to... READ MORE

Should I be worried? A little less than 6 weeks post op. (photos)

I am 5 weeks and 3 days post op. I got 350 cc HP saline, overfilled to 400ccs, under the muscle. I lift weights along with other exercises and I'm... READ MORE

What if my Surgeon Lied to Me? Can You Fill a 465 Saline Implant to 520?

So I recently had the op. Pre op I was 34a I wanted to be a full c or small d. But post op I feel/look like a B cup. I went with 520cc.. I asked on... READ MORE

Should I Worry About Natrelle Implant Being Overfilled by 30cc's?

Hi Im getting 320 Natrelle HP implants being overfilled by 30cc's. I was wondering is this too much or less overfilling? I have a decent amount of... READ MORE

Will my breast redrape or is this a double bubble, bottoming out? (photo)

I'm approaching 3 months since my BA surgery. I have 350 low profiles filled to 420 under. I flew out to Los Angeles to get them done. Will this... READ MORE

Do I Need a Revision? 7 Months Post-op. I Would Also Like a Tummy Tuck All and Any Advice Welcome! (photo)

I'm 7 months post-op I have 600 over filled to 650 saline mod. I don't like the look of the R breast it hangs to low. Should I go with a bigger... READ MORE

Should I be worried that my implants were over filled? They are hard and swollen

I'm very worried. Just had my ba today and after waking up more i read my mentor card. I had 325 smooth round moderate profile saline. Final fill... READ MORE

I am considering 450 cc HP Saline. Will over-filling reduce rippling?

I currently have 350 cc HP filled to 360 (R) and 375 (L). They ripple too much and I want to go larger. If I were to have 450 CC high profile saline... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Breast Aug Revision and They Look Uneven. Am I Over-reacting?

I am 5 weeks postop on my 2nd BA. I had 375cc gels under,over a year ago... ended up with capsular problems on my right side & noticeable size... READ MORE

What does it mean when you have a 525 cc moderate profile saline implant overfilled to 650cc. (photo)

Is it just as big as a 650 cc implant or smaller? I have 525 overfilled to 650 cc, just trying to figure out why they don't feel huge. They are... READ MORE

How many CC's would achieve my desired look? (Photo)

So I have my consultation booked and started really thinking about sizes. I am athletic built, 5'4 125lbs. My BWD is 14 I believe. My boobs from chest... READ MORE

What profile is similar to "overfilled" saline breast implant? (photos)

I currently have Allergan Medical 68MP, smooth surface saline, moderate profile implant. 360cc overfilled to 375cc. I have read that the overfilled... READ MORE

I think my implants are too small for the size I requested. (photo)

I originally asked for 800ccs saline (650 overfilled). Team all told me they will be large & persuaded me away from getting that size. I opted for 720... READ MORE

It is possible overfill an implant after 6 months??? (photo)

Hi! I just got Bl an Ba on February 14, 2014. I had 600cc overfill to 630, but I want to be one size bigger. The Md said that can be overfill to up... READ MORE

Did my PS lie about the final size of my saline implants? If not, then will the overfill amount void my implant warranty? photo

I had BA w/ mastopexy 2/10/14. My husband works w/ a doc who referred us to a PS that is supposed to be one of "the best". PS asked what size I wanted... READ MORE

I Heard Some Newer Models of Saline Implants Do Not Need to Be Overfilled?

I always read that saline implants need to be overfilled to somewhere around 10% over the manufacturer's max volume. But I also heard that with some... READ MORE

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