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How Natural Would It Look After Having Surgery to Correct Tuberous Breasts?

I am thinking about getting that procedure, but I have a lot of doubts about the results. I would like to correct the shape, but not changing... READ MORE

Breast asymmetry: is this a common outcome? What is my best plan of action? I am 8 months post op (Photos)

I don't want to run the risk of the right falling lower than the left. However the right is significantly fuller it seems. Do you think after time... READ MORE

Do I have good grounds for a lawsuit based on my pics? (photos)

Based on the pics. This is an unfathomable outcome. The dr. Messed up and keeps pushing me off. I've had much patience with him and have kept my calm.... READ MORE

Didn't massage my breasts after augmentation! Help!

I wasn't aware I was suppose to be massaging my breasts after my augmentation. My surgeon only mentioned it in passing... I had a full mommy makeover... READ MORE

Procedure For Correcting Uneven Breast. (photos)

Hi, I am 20 with no kids. I understand that breast sizes will never match however I am extremely unhappy with mine. As you can see one is... READ MORE

Tubular breasts? Options? (photo)

Hello I am booked in for a consultation with a breast augmentation surgeon I am just wondering if they are tubular. I think they may be. At the moment... READ MORE

This is the exact size and shape that I'm looking for. Is this outcome achievable given my stats? (photos)

What cc's and what type of implant would I need to obtain this look? My post op is tomorrow and I had it in my head for some time that 400, mod plus... READ MORE

8 weeks post op BA w/ lift, feel very unhappy w/ outcome. Very embarrassed to post these pics but need help. (photos)

Why aren't my nipples evenly round? Why are my nipples still pointing down? When I raise my arms, why does the right side look out of shape and... READ MORE

Breast augmentation or breast lift first, or both at the same time?

I read that it isn't wise to get both at the same time. I was told during my consultation that i might be happy with an augmentation alone... if not,... READ MORE

10 weeks Post Op? Potential capsular contracture? (photos)

Hi i'm about 10 weeks post opp. My breast were asymmetrical to start and overall i'm thrilled with the outcome, however my right breast seems... READ MORE

Is this a realistic BA goal for me given my current shape and size? (Photos)

Hello! I am beginning to reconsult with doctors for a BA. Given the attached photos of myself and my goal, does it seem to be realistic for my current... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation. (photos)

What treatment is advised? Would Breast Augmentation be enough to achieve a desirable outcome? READ MORE

One breast is larger and lower than the other. Will it get more even in time? (photos)

I'm eight a half weeks post op. I had 360cc round polytech implants under the muscle. In general I am happy with the result however my left implant... READ MORE

Does cocaine increase your chances of getting capsular contracture? I have superficial thrombophlebitis too.

I'm about 3 weeks post-op and unfortunately I have made some poor choices. My boobs are still dropping nicely and I don't notice any problems,... READ MORE

Would a breast augmentation still look good with my level of ptosis? I think I'm stage 2. What might my outcome be? (Photo)

Breast augmentation,no lift, mastopexy, ptosis large implants vs medium breast lift later Doctors that hVe worked with my breast profile with and... READ MORE

Trying to decide on my doctor but I need help. I want implants for my 34C breasts that are no longer full.

I lost weight by changing my lifestyle and now my breasts are lacking in volume and shape. I've seen 2 surgeons about what procedures will achieve a... READ MORE

Does lack of sleep, appetite and stress affect surgical outcome?

I recently had breast enhancement surgery and realize their will be post op pain etc. However my family is not supportive and barely have helpwhile... READ MORE

Should you bring "goal" photos of breasts to your augmentation surgery?

I am having breast augmentation very soon. Is it helpful to bring "goal" photos for reference? Are they actually referred to during the procedure and... READ MORE

I'm 4'11, 93 pounds possibly; what cup size generally is that for my petite frame see the details?

I got saline high profile round 290cc left 295 cc right My PS said it should be a good C- cup, I'm 2 weeks out and they are shrinking so I'm very... READ MORE

To do or not to do? I really want a breast aug before I move to Europe. Any suggestions? (photos)

One thing that is stopping me from fulling my dream of getting my breasts done are the possible unsightly aesthetic outcomes. I DO NOT want far apart... READ MORE

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