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Feeling Tightness in One Breast 1 Day Post Op. Flexing My Muscle Makes It Feel Better, Is This Ok?

I had my breast augmentation done today and my right side feels tighter then my left.sometimes i tend to squeeze my pectoral muscle and it actually... READ MORE

8 Weeks and Left Still Hasn't Dropped, Will It?

Hi, I had 275 silicone implants 8 weeks ago. They were both the same height right after surgery. My left had more bruising and was my larger natural... READ MORE

If Encapsulation is Caused by Bacteria And/or Body Rejection, Why is It Only on my Dominant Side?

My theory is that I did too much too soon after augmentation surgery - excercise & just daily activities of a busy mom - using, of course, my... READ MORE

Will one breast implant on the left side be enough to fix my asymmetry? (photos)

I scar VERY badly, and so I cannot consider any type of life. Would I be able to have one silicone implant over the muscle through an armpit incision?... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to get my right breast to drop? IS this typical 4 weeks after BA? (photos)

I am 4 weeks out today. My left breast has dropped a ton! It feels and looks good while my right hurts and is very high making it's shape odd. It's... READ MORE

I have significant shooting pain in the side of my right breast 4 days after Breast Augmentation. What is this from? (photos)

Hi, I had a breast augmentation under the muscle with 330cc MR silicone implants. I felt really good by day 3, but on days 4-5 I have had really awful... READ MORE

3 months post op, right breast still very high.

Does the pocket need to be released, or just need more time to drop? READ MORE

After exercising at 9 weeks post BA, I have pain and swelling in my left breast, Should I be concerned?

I'm 10 1/2 weeks post op Breast Augmentation. At the beginning of my 9 weeks, I took a 60 min zumba class. Felt fine during class and was wearing a... READ MORE

Bilateral implant in assymetric breast?

Hey. I had very assymetric breasts growing up my left one hadn't grown and my right was about 3 cup sizes bigger so had an implant in one and a... READ MORE

I'm going to be getting a saline implant (sub pectoral) in my left breast and I'm concerned about the symmetry. (photo)

My right breast points outward and drops, if I get the implant in my left will it be a lot perkier? I've been researching and some surgeons put... READ MORE

What is the best way to fix a shifted implant? (photo)

Would permanent suturing under one breast be the best way to fix this (see photos), or can the BA be redone subglandularly? READ MORE

is it possible to get just one implant?

I had a breast surgery done when I was 14 years old to remove a lump on my left breast and the surgeon who performed the surgery at that time I guess... READ MORE

Almost 3 months post op and Left Breast still larger than right. Should I be concerned? (Photos)

Surgery 12/11/13. I have 385 silicone implants. Not sure why the Left one still seems so much bigger. Could it still be from swelling? Its pretty... READ MORE

Is fluid build up after a breast augmentation in only one breast possible?

If so what is the cause of this build up? And what can be done to remove that liquid? READ MORE

One implant is clearly smaller . Can it be made larger to match the other one?

Went to doctor to even out previous implants however I have a feeling he put the larger one on the wrong side and now there is even more of a... READ MORE

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