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Can One Breast Stop Developing While the Other Continues to Grow?

I have always had slightly asymmetrical breasts but as I approached adolescence my breasts have become more different in size and shape. Though... READ MORE

Did You Ever Hear of Mondors Bands Being Cured by Manual Manipulation?

My PS did it today in his office when I showed him how they were. I'm not sure what he did exactly but they are gone now. He only used his hands... READ MORE

Currently 34B with 1.5 inch areolas Any non-invasive treatments to get a D cup?

I want to have big breasts to look more beautiful. Plz guide if any food or hormone can grow my boobs? READ MORE

Are these considered tubular breasts? If so, what are the most non-invasive, minimal risk corrective options? (photo)

If so, are they considered to be severe or mild? I would prefer to steer away from fat grafting as this seems to be a new technique and therefore no... READ MORE

I have tuberous, sagging and deflated breasts. What is the least invasive solution? (photos)

I think I have tuberous breasts, plus a lot of sagging and deflation due to rapid weight loss, which has made things much worse (I'm 40 now). Would it... READ MORE

I want to have a breast enlargement. Will I need a breast lift as well and if so, what types would work for me? (Photo)

Breasts are 34C. Would like to increase to about an E cup. If I require a breast lift would I be able to achieve this by having both procedures done... READ MORE

What sort of non-invasive techniques are available to fix sagging/loose skin breasts on a 30 year old?

I haven't worn a bra for 10 years and the skin on my breasts are very loose. When I lie down on my back my chest looks flat but both my nipples face... READ MORE

My asymmetry is not fixed. Could some of the saline be removed from my left implant without another invasive surgery?

I had breast augmentation surgery a week and a half ago. I got 350cc saline implants and also had a lift done. At my original consultation we... READ MORE

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