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Surgeon Won't Do More Than 250cc Left-150cc Right. Covered by NHS, But Would Like Bigger? (photo)

Hi, I am in a very difficult situation I got funding from the NHS in London, so they will pay for my treatment..my surgeon 1st said peri mastopexy and... READ MORE

Tubular or constricted breasts? (photos)

Never been happy with my breasts, same size since I was 14 years old. I feel like they have not fully developed as they still seem to be on the... READ MORE

I'm 18 and have 32AA breasts. Would I qualify for a BA on the NHS?

Hi, I'm 18 next month and I'm still a 32aa at a push. I am sooooo insecure and its knocking me massively. I don't feel comfortable in any clothing,... READ MORE

I believe I may have Tubular Breasts, what is the best way to correct my breasts?

My breasts are constantly getting me down. I refuse to take my bra off during sex and it's starting to cause problems in my relationship. Am I able to... READ MORE

Are my boobs tubular? Abnormal? (Photo)

I have recently seen a boob consultant and have been told I have Tubulaur boobs and they won't change much either. I would like other doctors... READ MORE

What should I and can I do to increase my breast size?

Ive had two children and im 20 years old. Before having my children my bra size was a B now even a B is huge. Im so depressed about them ive been... READ MORE

Would I be eligible (in your opinion, just by looking) for free breast augmentation on NHS? (Photo)

Hi, I'm in the UK, and very unhappy with my breasts, have been since age 11, my mum said id grow in to them, but I never did! They are AWFUL, and get... READ MORE

Infection and doctor charges.

I had an infection following my BA and my doctor did not give me the support needed so I ended up having an emergency operation through the NHS. My... READ MORE

I have been approved for a breast augmentation on the NHS. Do I get to choose the size?

I have basically no breast tissue and the surgeon has offered me either expanders or implants, if i went with expanders would i have more choice of... READ MORE

How much would it cost for my breasts to be made the same size, lifted and nipples smaller/not so low down?

Hi My breasts are completely different sizes (one C/D other D/D) I have been to an NHS breast surgeon who advised I'm unfortunately not eligible for... READ MORE

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