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Is Internal Breast Tingling a Sign of Nerve Regeneration 8 1/2 Months Post BA? Nipples Are Still Numb, So Hopeful!

I started off with total nipple numbness B/L post-op,but progressed to had 'crude touch' sensation only since most of the swelling subsided... READ MORE

Neuropathic Pain / Hypersensitivity 2yrs Post Breast Augmentation

To start with my left breast was numb but from 6mths post op to now I am suffering massively from areas of hypersensitivity or neuropathic pain.I have... READ MORE

Nerve Showing with Occasional Pain/discomfort After BA? (photo)

I had my BA just over 2 weeks ago 11/9 and within the past two days have noticed what seems to be a nerve or ligament? showing under my left breast. I... READ MORE

I have breast numbness after Augmentation - Is There a Way to Stimulate More Feeling (Nerves)?

I had a breast augmentation about 3.5 months ago & I really love the results, with one exception - my breasts are still pretty numb. I'm hoping that... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned About Nerve Sensation in Above Naval 1 Week Post-Op Breast Implants?

I am 8 day post-op silicone implants and have noticed a sensation aprox.1 inch above and to the side of my navel since day 2.It is not painful just... READ MORE

Nerve pain 1 year after Breast Augmentation on Left Breast

I had surgery 1 year ago. I went with my Plastic Surgeon and turns my nerve is irritated or something, so my Doctor prescribed Neurontin which... READ MORE

I have pain next to my incision. Could this be nerves regenerating or a hematoma?

I have pain about an inch away from my incision toward the center of my body. it hurts really bad sometimes when I move or stretch. could this be... READ MORE

Time Table on Nerve Regeneration?

I am going on week three post op and I am still having the worst burning and tingling pain on my breasts, can not wear clothing pain is so awful.... READ MORE

Breast pain 13 months post op. Any ideas as to what it could be? (photo)

I have pain in my right Brest it feels like a bruise on the inside. When I lie on my belly it feels tight, and when I press on it, anywhere on it it... READ MORE

Are stretch marks and extreme nerve pain normal for Breast augmentation? (photos)

I had surgery on October 2 of this year, silicone implants under the breast muscle. I'm starting to think that the surgeon I went to may have messed... READ MORE

Are nipple sensitivity and erection controlled by the same nerves ?

I had a breastlift with small 240 cc implants 10 months ago , since then one of my nipples is numb but has gotten erect more every time although not... READ MORE

How can I manage nerve pain post breast augmentation?

I am day 2 post breast augmentation. Since surgery I have sharp painful stabs in my right breast, lower outter area. I can not use my right arm for... READ MORE

Re: Breast Enlargement I am having trouble with nerves/anxiety. Any suggestions?

I have seen my ps twice and I have had a date for surgery twice and I have cancelled both times as I talk myself out of it and get were anxious about... READ MORE

3 wks BA out & I have horrible nerve pain in L breast that won't go away, I cannot live any sort of normal life?

Need a 2nd opinion I'm doing everything the surgeon said to do& daily ex to move the implants around to heal the nerve pain¬hing is working.I am ... READ MORE

What can I do for nerve pain 3-4 weeks post op augmentation with lift?

I recently posted a question about a possible pulled muscle and have received great responses. But I think I actually damage/stretched a nerve. I had... READ MORE

Am I recovering too fast?

So I had my breast aug on Tuesday 15th and I've noticed the tingling/sharp pain that comes with my nerves regenerating already and I'm kind of worried... READ MORE

Incisions suddenly excruciating - almost like scar tissue or weight of implant is on a nerve. Any suggestions? (photos)

My aug was almost one month ago and recovery was a breeze. However the incision sites especially the right side have suddenly become almost unbearable... READ MORE

Sharp pain on left side of breast started 3 days ago, have had implants in for 3 years. Any suggestions?

I had implants put in about 3 years ago and within the last 3 days I've developed what feels to me like nerve pain. They are gummy bear silicone, and... READ MORE

Unsure of what procedure is required to fill out the breast cavity that doesn't require extensive scars. (Photos)

Looking for Dr suggestions on my upcoming procedure to fill out breast cavity. I am looking to keep aesthetically pleasing breasts and do not want any... READ MORE

Pain/soreness at 7 months post op. Could it be my nerves regenerating, or the start of capsular contracture?

Hi, I saw my PS last Wed as I was having pain/soreness on the outside of my breast and after discussing it he thought it could be a muscular issue so... READ MORE

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