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Big Breast Implants on a Narrow Chest? (photo)

I am 1.60cm ( 5' 3") and 51.5kg (113Ibs.) I have undeveloped breasts so I went to a consultation for breast implants and was disappointed... READ MORE

I'm 5'1, wide hips, large butt, narrower waist, broad shoulders. Would you recommend Mod + or HP for broad shaped person.(photo)

I'm 5'1", wide hips, large butt, narrower waist, broad shoulders, 32.5" around (under the breasts). I think I'm a 36A. Could I pull off HP's? What CCs... READ MORE

My boobs are narrow with puffy nipples. Do I have Tuberous Breasts? (Photo)

They seem to be too pointy and odd shaped. I don't have much under boob, and have puffy areolas. I've looked at pictures online of other people who... READ MORE

Do I Have a Size Limitation with Implants, Due to Having Tubular Breasts and Narrow Chest Width?

At my consult , my PS said that I have tubular breasts (mild) and he recommended a Brazilian implant nuance style (between round and anatomical) 235... READ MORE

I decided on 280cc-300cc HPs (10.5cm). Is this narrow implant diameter the right size for my chest? (photo)

My doctor never measured my chest. I decided on 280cc-300cc Hp, and as I wait for my appt I'm wondering if this small of an implant diameter will work... READ MORE

My surgeon has chosen 450cc HP implant (12.8cm width). He said I have a BWD of 14.5cm. Will it be too narrow for me? (Photo)

I hav posted this question before and keep getting weird answers, like my question wasn't completely read before answering. I just want to know the... READ MORE

Why my left breast seemed to be smaller, higher, and narrow than my right side? (photos)

Is it normal that my left side looks smaller and higher than my right side ? I had silicon gel HP smooth round under muscle nipples 400cc . Had it... READ MORE

Uneven left side narrow? will they be the same size after it drops and fluffs! (photos)

I had my surgery yesterday 400cc on the left and 425cc on the right. It looks uneven left side narrow? will they be the same size after it drops and... READ MORE

How come I have no bottom fullness and why are they small? (photos)

Got 600cc over the muscle 18 days ago. My breast look small and the left breast is a bit narrow. READ MORE

Is high profile 10.7 too narrow for my chest? (photos)

Im 24yrs 5,6 119lb currently an A cup, my bwd is 12 i think and my chest measures 27.5 around. Going 335 for a C cup. The hi profile is 10.7 is this... READ MORE

My impants are too small??? Did sometimg go wrong? (photos)

I got 385cc high, under muscle. Was 32aa. Doesnt this look way tooo small to be a 385cc?!?!? Im so small and narrow why do they look like this?!?! 1.5... READ MORE

Is it possible to go from an A cup to a B cup?

I'm 34yrs old and have breastfed two kids. I had one consultation and the surgeon said I need at least 300 cc's and that would get me a Full C cup and... READ MORE

32A to a full C, what size implant?

I'm a 32A looking to go to a full C. I don't want to be too big or obvious. I'm looking to achieve a natural look. My doctor recommended 450cc but I... READ MORE

I'm only 10weeks post op. My left breast hasn't dropped and my right breast is pulling to the side. What is happening?

Hello, I had a lift with augmentation done on 6/22. Since the day I saw my breasts I felt something was wrong but I was hopeful they just needed to... READ MORE

Can I achieve a narrow cleavage line? (Photo)

I've read that the amount of cleavage after breast augmentation will depend on the width and spacing of your natural breast. So, based on the before... READ MORE

Should I have taken moderate plus profile? (photos)

Going to be 1 month post up on october 18...feel that my breast are narrow and still feel they are small for my frame these are hp implants would it... READ MORE

1 week post op, one breast "narrower" than the other. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had 375 cc silicone implants put in 1 week ago. I started out with droopy breasts from breast feeding and wanted something to fill out my extra skin... READ MORE

There is a gap between my breasts, but they have gotten closer since my surgery. Worried about symmastia? (Photos)

My gap between my breasts seems to have gotten more narrow in the last 2 weeks... I definitely still have a gap but I feel like my breasts are... READ MORE

32aa 5'4" 115lbs - wanting C-cup. (photo)

I have a narrow chest & slim build. I feel like my itty bitties READ MORE

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