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How Accurate is an MRI Scan for Detecting Breast Implants Ruptures Behind the Muscle? (photo)

I had BA in July 2007 and in the last few months, my right armpit is very tender and the skin feels scalded. The breast has shrunk a bit, and i had a... READ MORE

Is getting a MRI every 2 years to check on silicone implants really necessary?

I am considering getting breast implants and I am leaning towards getting silicone implants instead of saline, but ultimately safety is the most... READ MORE

Are Natural Looking Saline Implants Possible for Me? (photo)

I am wanting saline implants due to the recommended MRI every couple of years that comes with silicone implants. I am 5'4" 125lbs, and currently a... READ MORE

Is an MRI Really Necessary Every 3 Years After a Gel Breast Implant Augmentation?

I don't like the thought of getting an MRI that often. It seems more like a cautionary piece of advice on the part of the implant manufacturer. READ MORE

I Am About to Get Silicone Breast Implants and I Am Wondering if Patients Actually Comply with the Followup MRIs?

I ask this not only b/c of the cost, but the high odds of getting a false positive. Would it be dangerous to just wait until a symptom arose?, rather... READ MORE

I Year Post-Op Breast Implants one Breast Has Begun to Swell, Is an MRI the Right Step to Take?

I had breast augmentation a year and 3 months ago, I Am an aerobic instructor and 3 weeks ago the one breast swelled up, I have no pain, an ultrasound... READ MORE

What could be the cause of pain in the right breast? I had silicone gel implants put in 18 months ago. (photos)

No issues until a few months ago. I'm having cold/burning sensations, intermittent pains and some itching inside my right breast only (your left). It... READ MORE

I think my PS switched my implants and put the bigger one on the wrong side! Any suggestions?

I had my BA surgery about 5 weeks ago. I was supposed to be getting 500cc on the right and 475cc on the left. At this point (specifically with clothes... READ MORE

7 years post-op and MRI shows both silicone implants are ruptured? (photo)

Can I get get them removed and new ones put in one procedure? Before implants I'm a A cup. Ruptured implants are 285cc. I do want to go a little... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation. Would it affect my immune system, or the health of my pancreas?

I have been followed for a IPMN in the pancreas since 2012. I have to have an MRI done every 6 months. I would like to have breast augmentation but... READ MORE

What could this be? Anything I can take to reduce the swelling? (photos)

I've had sudden swelling In right breast accompanied by lots of pain and now swelling and a red lump I have had a ultrasound MRI which showed implant... READ MORE

Silicone or saline?

I keep going back and fourth with this. I need some serious opinions. I have picked my plastic surgeon and paid but cancel because I panicked. Now I'm... READ MORE

What is the red flag for a rupture in a silicone implant?

I had breast augmentation surgery 3 years ago. I've had pain on the side of my left breast ever since, but only when I roll over on my left side. 2... READ MORE

MRI silicone keyhole? (photo)

Hello, I recently got a MRI to assess the state of my breast implants which I am getting replaced in the near future. While I need to wait until next... READ MORE

Are back to back complications normal? Does this happen often? Should I find another doctor? I pay each time.

I had my 1st breast aug 12/2015. Within 2-3 months I realized I wasn't healing normally. Went to get an MRI and was found to have capsular contracture... READ MORE

MRI vs. Ultrasound to detect problems?

I have capsular contraction in both my breasts after getting silicon implants over the breast 13 years ago. I had an ultrasound done on them and the... READ MORE

Should I get an MRI and have results before I schedule a visit with a plastic surgeon to see if 20 yr old silicone has ruptured?

I do not have capsulation. They are way too large for me now that I'm older. I'm very scared to go thru this surgery. I had an infection in 1993 and... READ MORE

Is MRI unreliable test for positive implant rupture? Will left behind silicone harm breast tissue or my health further? (Photo)

29 yr old smooth silicone breast implants retropectal. Having a great deal of pain in left breast as of past few mos. All tests Mammogram, US, and MRI... READ MORE

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