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One of my Breasts is Loose and Sliding Around in the Pocket- What Can I Do?

I had augmentation four months ago. One of them is considerably lower than other and slides around in the pocket. How can this be fixed? READ MORE

Will Moving of my IMF Cause Double Bubble?

I have a skilled surgeon, highly liked and recommended and board certified. they said that when doing my implant to make it fit correctly (I'm... READ MORE

I pulled muscle or ruptured implant? If it's a pulled muscle, will my implant move back up in my chest?

I am exactly 7 days post BA. I had 500cc saline implants put in. Today I slipped on ice outside my library at school and landed right on my right... READ MORE

Can a breast augmentation also move my breasts closer together? (Photo)

I would like to have a BA and also have them moved closer together because mine kind of flare out a tad bit to the sides. Is this an additional... READ MORE

Did my implant pop or move from under the muscle? (photos)

5 years ago an abusive boyfriend grabbed one of my breast and squeezed it very hard. I had pain in the breast and tenderness for almost a month. Since... READ MORE

I had BA 3 months ago, I found that I healed fast, however I can feel them move a lot. I can also move them quite a bit. (Photo)

I had submuscular 370 cc silicon gel. I can move my left one around my entire left side. I feel the implant moving against my skin. It doesn't hurt... READ MORE

I am considering having my implants moved above my pectoral muscle. Any suggestions? (photos)

I recently received my silicone implants, under my muscle but am very bothered by the distortion when I engage my pecs. The shape of my breast is... READ MORE

Why do my implants have a crease in the center when I flex? I feel deformed. (photos)

I love my implants as long as I'm not moving. I am always sure to cover up now because when I use my arms/chest muscles they look deformed. Can this... READ MORE

Is moving out of state 2 weeks after breast augmentation possible?

I have been dying for a BA for years because I have 4 kids and am very insecure for a young energetic 29 year old. The only chance I have to get my BA... READ MORE

Do I have Lateral Displacement? (Photo)

I had mine done overseas so my docter can't literelly review them besides photos but I have pain do normal activites like walking, I feel the implant... READ MORE

What did you recommend if one of the implants fall ?? (photos)

I have my Brest augmentation surgery on 2007 but I notice the last year that one of my implants fall ....example if I'm lay down one goes all the way... READ MORE

Silicone breast implant moving to the center after 9 months post-op?

Hello, I got 380 cc silicone 9 months ago, my right breast is completely fine, although my left breast seems to have moved a little to the center of... READ MORE

Will this implant stop moving? Is it dropped already? Why does it move around so much? Why does it still hurt? (photos)

I'm 6 weeks post op 400cc silicone implants. My right hasn't bothered me since day 11 while my left still is sore. I can't move my right implant... READ MORE

Implant moving out of pocket, going flat when laying down. Was told just asking for more trouble by addressing this with surgery

Had 22 year old implants removed and got new ones. Only because I was sagging. So went a little larger. Well now left one has moved out of pocket when... READ MORE

Do you think my boobs will move closer together? (Photo)

They are about six weeks old today, and are pretty full near the armpit areas, but seem empty near the middle of my sternum. I don't have a pre-Op... READ MORE

Right implants doesn't feel like it's in position: I have 400cc under the muscle. 2.5 months post-op. (Photos)

Surgery on May 5, 2017. The left feels perfect but the right still just doesn't feel right. It looks perfect to me but I can feel it move,... READ MORE

Is it okay to get breast augmentation about 5 weeks before moving to a new house?!

So my boyfriend and I are moving to a new house in June. Originally we were going to move before that and I was going to do surgery after the move but... READ MORE

Could my right breast implant be moving or is it part of the settling process?

9 weeks ago I had breast Augmentation. I was a small 34A and received 330cc tear drop Cohensive gel implants. I understand that each implant settles... READ MORE

One boob bigger than the other after silicone 400cc breast augmentation. (photos)

I had silicone breast aug, under the muscle, 4month ago, 34a had 400 cc. 2months after the surgery I noticed my left boob is slightly bigger than the... READ MORE

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