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Should I be Moving Around Immediately After Breast Augmentation?

My doctor is saying to get up even at night every 1-2 hours for 4 days following surgery. Is this what is recommended? Also, some doctors recommend... READ MORE

How Easily Will my Breast Implant Move?

I had BA 10 days ago. I had 375cc silicone implants placed above the muscle. They came out bigger than I expected. I am 5’3 125 lbs and a thin... READ MORE

Can I Still Go Sky Diving After I Get a BA?

I am curious to know if after I get my breast augmentation done, can I still be able to go sky diving? surfing? scuba diving? and boxing? I am very... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Augmentation Can I Go on Roller Coasters?

I plan on getting my breasts done end of may, beginning of june, but I'm going to Disney with my family 4th of July weekend, so I just want to... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Silliness?

Ok now this question may be a tad but silly but I've googled and can't find much of an answer, I'm getting my breast done dec 21st which obviously is... READ MORE

Is It Normal for One Implant to Move More Freely Than the Other? (photo)

I had my ba done on 4/19/12 im 7wks post op today. My left breast does not move as much as the right, its still a litte higher, and seem's to be a... READ MORE

Can an Implant Under the Muscle Move to over the Muscle After Nursing?

I am 26 years old I got my implants when I was 20 and they've been perfect with no problems. I recently had a baby and I've been nursing him... READ MORE

Is Attending an Event 2 Days After Breast Augmentation Feasible?

2 days after BA surgery I am planning to attend an important event - I will be seated the majority of the time, but will likely be receiving hugs and... READ MORE

Is it Normal at This Stage to Feel my Breast Implants Moving Inside of Me?

Im17days out BA Surgery TextureSiliconeCohesive gel implants w/submuscular incision.In my right breast I can feel my breast implant movin seems like a... READ MORE

5 Months Post-op Breast Augmentation - Why Don't my Breasts Move?

I had my surgery about 5 months ago now. My breast are soft but they dont move, at all. My left has dropped possibly a little too much because my... READ MORE

Had Implants 4 Years Ago, Left Breast Feels As if Its Moved to Armpit Area.Is This Normal?

Had reconstructive surgery 4 years ago with saline implants. Left breast is now hanging differently from right and feels as if it has moved toward arm... READ MORE

Shoulder Pain/can't Move my Arm After Breast Augmentation?

I am 4 weeks post op. On my right shoulder, I started experiencing shoulder after first week. Where the pectoral muscles meets my shoulder/neck, it is... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Left Sternum Pain

I have been having terrible reproducible pain on the left side of my sternum where my ribs connect. The pain radiates to my left arm and back and... READ MORE

Sharp Pain in Breasts One Month After Breast Augmentation?

It has been one month since my submuscular breast augmentation. I had 360cc in my left implant and 340cc in my right. I have recently had an increase... READ MORE

I Think It`s Windowshading - Can I Switch from Unders to Split-muscle Technique Now? Any Risks? (photo)

3 mnths post op, 355cc unders. My left breast has no visible crease, there`s a muscle behind the skin on the inner bottom part of it, which is very... READ MORE

Is It Possible for the Pocket To Widen By Movement After Surgery?

I had a BA six weeks ago. I am nervous that my pocket could widen by movements I do after reading some horror stories on the web. I had 360/380 sub... READ MORE

My right breast started moving towards my armpit, deformed, and sagging. Is it possible a rupture or displacement? (photos)

My right breast started moving towards my armpit, deform a little and sag a little bit. Breast and armpit area had a burning sensation as well as a... READ MORE

6 months post op Breast Augmentation, my chest muscles tighten and my implants move laterally. What leads to symmastia? (photos)

Is symmastia primarily caused by surgeon error, anatomy or post-operative care? Also, are most board-certified BA surgeons trained to revise... READ MORE

Are breast implants under the muscle distorted from certain movements during exercise/weight lifting?

Is muscle distortment from exercise permanent after movement or only during the movement? What is normal for the breast during weightlifting... READ MORE

Is There is Less Movement with the Breast and Nipples for Unders Than Partials?

I am about to have an uplift and ba - 365cc mod profile. My surgeon says that he will do partials but would prefer to do unders if he finds that this... READ MORE

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