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Should I Have to Pay for Complications After Breast Augmentation?

I am 7 days post-op BA with moderate profile silicone implants 275 cc's placed dual plane. My right breast was a cup smaller than my left but my... READ MORE

What bra size would 850cc's give me and would it look good?

What bra size would 850cc's give me? And would it look good? I already have 425cc moderate saline implants and I am having my second ba in one week... READ MORE

Developing Frankenboob? (photo)

Hello! Could your surgeon know by looking at your pre op breasts and the kind/type/size of implant they will use if you might develop the dreaded... READ MORE

Moderate vs Low Profile Breast Implant

Is "moderate" considered a low profile implant, or is there actually a low profile version of breast implants? READ MORE

What's the best advice to acheive natural looking breast augmentation results? (Photo)

I attached this picture because this is exactly what I would like. To me, these implants look great in the sense that they seem very natural. I'm 5'7... READ MORE

8 weeks post op, can I go bigger? (photos)

I'm now 8 weeks post op. I had 440cc sientra moderate profile silicone under the muscle, imframamary incision, BWD 14, ribcage 28" bust preop was 33"... READ MORE

Small frame, can I do 400cc moderate silicone implants instead of high profile? (photo)

My surgeon didn't really give me too much feedback. He said I could do a 400 and he might suggest high profile. I really like the natural look of... READ MORE

How much more will my breast implants drop? (photo)

I had surgery 14 days ago and I really like how my breasts look right now. I ended up getting 325cc moderate profile, textured silicone implants... READ MORE

Is a 457 moderate silicone implant adequate to increase your cup two sizes

I am medium built 5'4" 137 lbs with a 34c (small c). Will 457 silicone imolants increase my cup to DD? If not what would you recommend? READ MORE

Considering Revision Surgery. Too Large? Mispositioning?

24yr old 127lbs pre op 32c. No sagging just wanted slightly larger and fuller look. Dr recommend I choose 450cc moderate classic profile silicone... READ MORE

Are my breasts going to look right? (Photo)

I had my breast lift with implants surgery 8 days ago. I downsized from 475cc to 350cc Mentor silicone moderate implant, my skin has horrible... READ MORE

I have 32G breasts and want high profile implants!

I am 20 years old, 173cm and 70kgs. Since I was 17 I've had 32G breasts with moderate sagging and they kill my self confidence. In a bra they look... READ MORE

What is going on with my Breast Augmentation? (photos)

I had abreast lift/reduction & 250CC moderate smooth saline implant under the muscle for upper pole fullness. I notice the further out I get the worse... READ MORE

I'm looking for as little upper pole change as possible. Which height and projection is right for me? (photo)

I'm going for a very natural look with a small amount of augmentation (170 -190 cc's) I really just want to replace the volume in my lower breast. 11... READ MORE

Surgery 5 days before Christmas. Will I feel well enough for a family gathering?

I'm scheduled to have 265-286cc (dr will decide) silicone moderate round under the muscle augmentation on December 20. I'm a healthy and fit 47 year... READ MORE

17 BWD, moderate or moderate plus? (Photo)

Hello, I am scheduled for augmentation in a couple weeks and want more opinions. I've been measured at a 17 bwd by a couple drs. I am stuck on either... READ MORE

Is 5 days enough time to recover and head back to work after a BA?

Took only a few days off from work to have the procedure done early on Day 1 and headed back to work on Day 6. I have a desk job with moderate stress.... READ MORE

Can I achieve this look with my body type? How many CCs do you think would work with my frame? (photos)

I would like a BA but and so sceptical about getting them too big because I have a wide frame and I'm very active, in the gym 5/6 times a week. I know... READ MORE

How important is it to stick with your Bwd measurement?

I am very narrow and have been measured for a 10 maximum from one doctor and I wasn't totally thrilled with my options for sizing. Another doctor... READ MORE

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