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I Am a Size 44g or 44h Depending on the Bra but I Am Sagging with No Real Info on How to Repair Them. HELP? (photo)

Hi I have pretty large breast I am a 44g or 44h depending on the bra. I have begun to sag horribly. I am very scared of the scars from a breast... READ MORE

Is a Benelli Lift with Augmentation Right for Me? (photo)

I am trying to avoid a vertical scar (previous scars tend to pigment although don't spread) so I'm hoping a Benelli lift with augmentation (Naturelle... READ MORE

Should I Get an Incision Through the Armpit or Not? (photo)

Want minimal scarring..getting a BA of 250cc, cohesive gel, teardrop. I want the armpit incision. My surgeon has recommended that i go for the... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Correct my Tuberous Breasts? (photo)

Hi I'm 19 years old, 5'5, 125 lbs. I'm having a breast augmentation w/ silicone to fix my tuberous breasts which i am so happy about. My PS says i... READ MORE

I Would Like my Breasts to Have an Attractive Shape with Minimal Scarring, Which Procedure Should I Get? (photo)

My doctor suggests that i get an implant and a donut lift to achieve rounder breasts with higher nipples. This would cause my breasts to be bigger.... READ MORE

Lollipop Breast Augmentation/lift? (photo)

I'd like to be a D and have my breasts lifted. However, I don't want large scars, and I have been told I would need the lollipop procedure if I want... READ MORE

Do I Need a Lift and an Implant? (photo)

I sent pics of before breastfeeding, while breastfeeding, and after breast feeding. Do I have to have a breast-lift? I don't like the verticle scar. I... READ MORE

Breast Lift & Implant. 1 Surgery or 2? (photo)

I'm 31, have nursed 3, weigh 125 & wear a 34C. I want tight, round, perky breasts (small implant, remain C or small D). I've visited 2 doctors... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation. Can Fat Grow in a Lab

I am interested in natural breast augmentation (currently size A, happy with even size B), but I don't think I have enough fat for fat transfer (1... READ MORE

Crease incision vs transaxillary? Stripper here, nude all the time and would like to minimize scarring.

So each doctor I've been to so far has said my nipples are too small for nipple incision. I initially wanted armpit , since I don't want any scars on... READ MORE

To Lift or Not to Lift, That is the Question? (photo)

I'm 32 and I have some slight sagging after 4 pregnancies, but my issue is more with deflation. Before children I was a 34 B, while nursing I was a 36... READ MORE

What Are my Options? (photo)

Hello everyone! I'm 5'7, 160 lbs, 23 year old and I'm a 34C. I'm interested in getting a breast lift and augmentation, possibly without scars.... READ MORE

What to Do About These Breasts? (photo)

I lost a lot of weight when I was 16, had a tummy tuck when I was 19 and had a horrible scarring. It doesn't look terrible now, but because of this I... READ MORE

Breast lift w/o augmentation? (photo)

I'm a 32C. I wanted to get an idea of what options are available to me w/regards to a lift with or w/o implants & if I can get just get a lift,... READ MORE

I Was Wondering if You Areola is Above the Crease Line? Could I Get Away with Just Implants W/o a Lift? (photo)

I absolutely do not want the vertical scar from a lift. would implnts alone look ok? or is there another option in my situation? circumareola lift?... READ MORE

What do I need done to have perky/cute breasts? (photos)

I'm 18 years old & my breast sag, and one is a lot bigger than the other & I have really big areolas. People are telling me I should wait but I've... READ MORE

What Type of Work Do I Need For Areola Work and Larger Breasts With Minimal Scarring?

I am 28 and wish to have Fuller perkier breasts. My main problem however is I hate my areolas. They are not defined and speckle out at the edges. I... READ MORE

Boob Lifts, Augmentations, Recovery Time, and Scarring? (photo)

I am wanting a lift and gummy bear boob insert with minimal scarring, as well as nipple and areolar reduction. How long is recovery if I am on other... READ MORE

Why is it worse to smoke before a breast augmentation than it is to be a smoker while having a c-section?

I am getting a breast augmentation in a month and i have had 4 csections. I have always been a smoker? I have never had any complications with my... READ MORE

How Common is Muscle Splitting Augmentation with Lift? (photo)

How common is the muscle splitting augmentation with lift? I read that internal sutures for a lift <2mm can hidden inside w/o a vertical scar? I... READ MORE

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