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Is the PS at Fault if my Implants Go to Far Towards/Under Armpits? (photo)

My implants are about 4mths old, When i lay down they move right under my armpit and sit down my ribs low. What can be done and did the PS make the... READ MORE

Muscle Spasm Vs. Migration Vs. Capsular Contracture? (photo)

I underwent 225 cc submuscular silicone gel breast augmentation 10 days ago. Things were going well overall after starting soma for severe muscle... READ MORE

How does breast tissue migrate to the armpit area? (photos)

I am interested in getting surgery to remove accessory breast tissue in both of my armpits. I was wondering how much that would cost as well as if it... READ MORE

Can Infection from a Breast Aug Travel to Another Part of the Body, Like the Finger?

I am 31 years old with three children. I am 5'8" and 110 lbs. I had a breast augmentation a year and a half ago. I bottomed out three times,... READ MORE

What is the best diagnostic scan to find out if silicone implants have ruptured and if the silicone has migrated? (photos)

How do you find out if silicone has migrated to your liver or lungs or thyroid? Is there even a way to remove it, aside from just detoxing? I think I... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, have I got symmastia? (photos)

I am four weeks post op. I had 375cc tear drop implants moderate plus above the muscle inserted. Pre op my breasts were very wide apart so I wanted to... READ MORE

Will my nipples migrate further apart after implants are added? 375cc silicone via periareolar incision (Photo)

My nipples have 1mm height difference. My Dr wants to raise my nipple to be even. He said that once I add volume, my nipples will migrate further... READ MORE

Am I bottoming out? Lateral displacement? (photos)

Horizontal apron breast lift with implants 350cc round textured dual plane, 12 weeks post op. My right breast (left in pics) is flat and migrating... READ MORE

What natural things can I do for my breasts and are they tubular?

I started puberty 5-6 years ago. My breasts have filled out and are big but it seems as if my breast tissue migrates to my nipples. My boobs look a... READ MORE

Is it a pocket issue or capsular contracture? (photo)

I honestly believe despite the majority of opinions saying capsular contracture cannot happen as early as two weeks is what happened to me. Within two... READ MORE

Upward migration of implants without capsular contracture?

I am 2 years post-op from a dual-plane silicone augmentation. A few months ago one of my implants (the side of my non-dominant hand) started moving up... READ MORE

Am I bottoming out? I had my BA 1 year and 3 months ago. (Photos)

Pretty early on I noticed my breast implants would migrate to my underarms when I was laying down. More recently I have noticed a significant change... READ MORE

Tissue migration? (Photo)

So unfortunately, the images I intended to be included in my question, hadn't actually attached so I am doing this once again... I'm not too sure what... READ MORE

So worried about potential health implications now my implant is ruptured?

I am worrying myself sick over my ruptured silicone implant. An ultrasound showed some intracapsular leaking. They are 14 years old. My plan is to... READ MORE

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