Mentor + Breast Augmentation

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Surgery on May 3rd. Confused about implant size and type 24 Year Old 5"3 100 lbs. (photo)

Im still debating about implant size, my PS decided on 225 mentor gel HP implants submuscular. I tried on sizers and they seem nice, but I have seen... READ MORE

Three weeks post op, strange results. Advice? (photo)

What in the world is going on with these implants? My doctor is remaining nonplussed but to me, the right side is high and tight with twinges... READ MORE

Will this fix itself over time? 1 week post op (photos)

I had my breasts implants put in a week ago (11/30/15), Mentor 375cc Silicone under the muscle. I'm scared that I have a double bubble forming or I am... READ MORE

Do I have early signs of CC or Snoopy? I had lift with 400cc textured mentor under the muscle 9 weeks ago. (photos)

9 wks ago I had a lift with mentor 400cc textured implants under the muscle. I am becoming increasingly worried that I have something wrong as time... READ MORE

Can anything be done to fix this gap in between my implants or improve my cleavage? (photos)

I wanted a natural looking augmentation with small implants but I am not happy with my result. I had mentor silicone gel implants 250cc's in right... READ MORE

How important is BWD in choosing implant size?

I measured 12.2 cm but my surgeon is recommending an implant size that is designed to fit a patient with a 12.5 cm BWD according to the mentor chart.... READ MORE

350cc mod+ mentor shaped, textured. Would upsizing to 475 help the gap between my breasts/fit my frame better? (photos)

3 months out. I know anatomy is the big factor with cleavage. Just wondering if upsizing from current 350cc mod+ shaped, would give a better result.... READ MORE

Will I get a nice natural slope with time? (photos)

Dear Doctors, I am about 3 and ½ weeks post op. Breasts look uneven and square up top, nipples pointing out at 3 and ½ weeks post op.Mentor Memory G... READ MORE

Based upon those numbers can you tell if that implant is a high or moderate profile implant?

My doctor did not clarify high or moderate profile as I chose my implant. I chose Mentor 355cc anatomic gel implant. I believe the implant... READ MORE

I have a few questions regarding breast augmentation? (Photos)

Hello I am looking to have a breast enlargement done and Iam looking to achieve a very natural and full look without looking fake. I have spoken to a... READ MORE

Am I possibly having synmastia or skin elevation over sternum and lack of cleavage are due to skin stretching? (photos)

BA on Feb 16, 2016; 400 cc Mentor silicone round implants via crease; Before - AA, after - small D. Although about 7 weeks have passed since BA, my... READ MORE

2 Fantastic Surgeons: Different Size Recommendations. (photo)

My BWD is 12cm. My Nipple to (sternal notch?) is 20cm on both sides. My nipple to nipple distance is 19.5cm. I'm 171cm and 52kg. I'm after a 'full'... READ MORE

Am I developing a capsular contracture in my right breast, 6 weeks post op? (photos)

I am 6 weeks post op 325cc mentor silicone. I am worried that my right breast isn't dropping like my left one. It doesn't feel any different- it just... READ MORE

Is there any real difference between Natrelle 339cc and Mentor 325cc?

I'm 5'3 120 lbs with a BWD of 12.1. I want Mod + because of the much more natural slope. However, a PS I saw suggested HP because I'm combatting my... READ MORE

8 weeks post- do I have cc or did the other implant bottom out? (photos)

I had my procedure 12/3- 325 mentor hp ok my right side and 300 on my left (unders) and noticed after 4 weeks my left side dropped but right side... READ MORE

Two Surgeons Two Different Opinons, Help & Advice Needed! (photos)

I am 23 years old and lacking a lot of volume top half of the breast which is what I desire, I have been recommended by the first surgeon anatomical... READ MORE

Help! 'Dent' in side of left breast. Is this from the muscle not being released fully? (photos)

I am almost two weeks post op. 300cc mentor dual plane / mod prof round smooth silicone implant. 32AA prev. I am worried about the 'dent' in my left... READ MORE

Will my Right breast reduce in size from a scar revision & end up being smaller than my Left breast ? (photos)

22 years old, 124 lbs, Anchor lift on right breast with 300cc silicone mentor moderate plus - Benelli lift/ donut lift on left breast with 375 cc... READ MORE

Will my areola size will ever go back to or normal size as before breast augmentation? (photos)

I had always had small perky areola. Now I don't really like the shape. I am 4 weeks post with 440cc mentor silicon. READ MORE

In your opinion, which brand of silicone breast implant on the market is superior ?

According to my research, currently the only two brands which are FDA approved are Mentor and Allergan. In your years of surgical expertise, have you... READ MORE

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