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Breast Augmentation - over or Under Muscle?

I am 50 years old, 5' 2" around 125 lbs. I have small breasts, B cup, and have decided to have an augmentation. I'm am confused about... READ MORE

What Can I Expect For Recovery Time From BA and TT w/ Lipo?

On May 11th I plan on having breast augmentation with memory gel implants, liposuction on stomach, hips and legs and a mini tummy tuck. I took 9 days... READ MORE

Will 500cc still look Natural? (photo)

I am scheduled for my BA March 7th and the surgeon and I have decided on 500cc Mentor Memory Gel implants placed under the muscle. I currently am a... READ MORE

3 Months Breast Implants? (photo)

I am 3 months post op, 425cc memory silicone implants submuscular. I was a 34b and think I am now a 34d. I have dropped but they still feel hard. It... READ MORE

Will a Revision Be Beneficial for BA Asymmetry One Year Post-op? (Photos)

I had subpectoral augmentation on 7-3-12. I was barely 32A now 34D. I got memgel smooth rd mod+ (375 R and 400 L). I have my 1 year post-op on Mon but... READ MORE

Benelli Lift+augmentation. What Are my Options? (photo)

I am not as full up top as I would like to be. I loved the results at 2 months post-op but now they appear saggy to be sagging. I have really bad... READ MORE

Memory Gel (round) or Memory Shape (tear-drop)? I am 29, 5"3,120 lbs, now a 34B ish , BWD of 11.4, was 36 DD in pregnancy(photo)

I went for my consult yesterday with a PS, tried on 475cc & loved them. Wish I could go bigger lol. I don't mind the fake look, I just definitely... READ MORE

Will I get a nice natural slope with time? (photos)

Dear Doctors, I am about 3 and ½ weeks post op. Breasts look uneven and square up top, nipples pointing out at 3 and ½ weeks post op.Mentor Memory G... READ MORE

What type of implant and profile would be best for me if I have a wider chest?

5'4, 140lbs, 34B, no kids. I've been doing a little research and I'm interested in getting a low profile with memory gel gummies and teardrop shape.... READ MORE

Am I at risk of symmastia? (photos)

I had my BA performed 18 days ago and had 295cc textured memory gel anatomicals placed , submuscular dual plane. Dr chose 295 over 255 as I had a lot... READ MORE

Will 450cc HP memory gel look too big/top heavy on me? (photos)

I am getting my surgery on June 22nd and am doubting now this size as some girls pics look huge and others look nice. I have attached a couple desired... READ MORE

3 weeks post op right breast is smaller diff position. I realize they say wait it out but is this normal?

Dec 9th 350 hp smooth memory gel right side is my dominant side an has been the most sore. READ MORE

Will 475cc be a good size for me? (photos)

I'm getting my surgery August 1, 2017. I really want a full c small d.. I just want to look proportionate since I have wide hips. Do you think 475 is... READ MORE

How can I get more projection? (photos)

Today I am one month post op and I am really unhappy with the size. I'm 5'7 150 lbs and I got 500 cc high profile mentor memory gel submuscular. What... READ MORE

4 Weeks after breast augmentation holes in incision superficial or something more serious? (photos)

I am exactly 4 Weeks post op. I had augmentation on 2.22.17 550cc high profile silicone smooth memory gel round. My incisions both sides have small... READ MORE

When is it safe to wear a waist trainer post breast augmentation? (photos)

I am currently 7.5 weeks breast augmentation. I got 500 ccs mentor memory gel HP under the Muscle on March 18. With a lowering of the breast fold,... READ MORE

2 months post op and wondering if they're completely settled? (photo)

I am a little over 2 months post op, 600cc hp memory gel, are breast their full size now and will the get closer together or have more cleavage? I'm... READ MORE

Wrong implants received during surgery

I now have a rash and memory gel implants instead of the saline I paid for and expected to receive during surgery. READ MORE

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