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Crossdresser Breast Implants? (photo)

I'm a crossdresser with small breasts. I would like them larger to get a more feminine look. I've tought about it for many years and now is the time... READ MORE

Can a Man Get Female Breast Implants and Female Facial Reconstruction Surgery?

Can a man get these things just because they want to look like a female but not actually be one. Can they get these with out having to go to a... READ MORE

I Am a a Male Who Wants Female Breasts, with No HRT. Can It Be Done?

I am 5' 10" 165 slender. Forty years old been obsessed with being female for over 25 years. Seen horror HRT stories. Can I get help here or do i go... READ MORE

I'm Transgender, Currently Looking Forward On Getting Breast Augmentation, Over or Under The Muscle? (Photo)

Age:19 H: 5'9 W: 170 Beast Size: 36A Been On Hormones For 1 Year & 6 Months. - Desired Look is, Close Together Full Cleavage When Im Nude, Full... READ MORE

M to F Transgender- Anatomical Shape over the Muscle?

This is how I would like to have my implants done when I have them done next month. I am sure there are negative aspects to my decision but I would... READ MORE

Can constricted breasts be treated without implants if a size increase isn't desired? (photo)

I'm a 27 yr old transwoman. I've been on hormone therapy for 3 years, and my endocrinologist has told me my breasts will not grow beyond this point. I... READ MORE

What looks best on transgender females, high profile or moderate profile implants? (photo)

Iv been doing tons of research. Meet with my PS Thursday to set surgery date up and go through exactly what I want. Im 5,11 I plan on going with... READ MORE

Implants Too Far Apart? (photo)

I am a male to female trans and am NOT on any hormone treatment. I had implants in June, the surgeon used 445cc high profile textured implants. Post... READ MORE

Im 41 Year Old Male Living As Amale and a Female at Night?

I am currently a 32aa would like to be a 32c under going breast enlargment surgery? Ive been wearing a padded bra since I was 11. I hope it can be done. READ MORE

M to F Transgender Breast Augmentation Silicone Under the Muscle?

I'm looking to get Round Silicone implants under the muscle but don't know whether high profile or moderate plus, also I'd like to get a C if possible READ MORE

What Anatomical Differences Do Transwomen Have from Ciswomen That Makes Breast Augmentations So Much More Difficult?

I've been looking at before and afters on some of the more well-known and experienced doctors famous for their BA's, but it just seems like their work... READ MORE

(PIP). Gummy bear implant rippling disaster. Could filler injections be an option?

I replaced 465cc PIP implants. My surgeon said 485cc gummy bear implants would be best. After my surgery he told me he used 520cc gummy bear implants!... READ MORE

5'6 Transgirl Wanting 550-600 Cc's Saline. Too Big? Or Too Small?

So i scheduled my Breast augmentation surgery for August 8th. Which is a little over a month away. I am a 5'6 transgirl who's been on hormones for 2... READ MORE

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