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Are my Breast Too Low 3 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

Im 3 weeks post op. I have mentor high profile smooth silicone implants placed under the muscle. Last night when I was massaging I noticed when I... READ MORE

How to Get Natural Saggy Looking Breast Implants? (photo)

I had breast augmentation surgery done 4 years ago, Ive got 320 cc high profile silicone implanted over the muscle. I would like to have a more... READ MORE

Lower pole constriction. Getting conflicting information. Would lowering fold be a disaster? (Photo)

I brought photos of befores that looked like mine with afters that looked great. He said, "wow they got lucky", and that I would have a double bubble.... READ MORE

Breast Sugery After Bi-lateral Lung Transplant?

I am woman who has undergone a bi-lateral lung transplant and after surgery the surgeon sewed 1 breast lower than the other. This problem has cause me... READ MORE

How long should I continue to take my Valium after my breast augmentation?

I am 3 weeks post op and I am no longer taking my pain killers but I have still been taking my valium. Is this good to continue to do? I am starting... READ MORE

Is There Significant Risk in Lowering the Inframammary Fold? (photo)

Based on the Dr. feedback I've received on Realself, I'm a bit concerned going into a revision BA. My left implant dropped too far, and although I do... READ MORE

If the Crease Has Been Lowered During BA, What Happens to the Crease After Explant? Does It Return to Original Position?

Does the crease stay in the lowered position or does it shrink back close to it's original position after having implants removed? READ MORE

Would lowering my breast fold or adjusting my nipple position make me more symmetrical? Is it necessary? (photo)

I want to get a breast augmentation to make my breasts larger and the same size. I'm afraid that if I do this my nipples will look so uneven. They... READ MORE

Did PS Failed to Lower Crease Correctly?(photo)

I had my BA about 6 weeks ago, my PS "lowered" my creases to accommodate the implant, but I'm wondering if he failed to "score" the tissue correctly... READ MORE

Are these bottomed out? (photo)

Hello, I had a lift and augmentation last February and they seem too far down to me. have they bottomed out? READ MORE

2 wks post op, my right breast is still fuller and lower. Will they even out over time? I had asymmetry before surgery. (photo)

She put more in my left about 20 more ccs. Worried my right night bottom out. Only had 335 in right 355 in left READ MORE

Follow-up Question: What is wrong with my boob implants? (photo)

I have 800 cc under the muscle silicone implants . I got them done dec 30,15 I'm 5'9 & I weigh 145 Why is ther ripples under my nipples? Why are... READ MORE

Is it normal for one nipple to be lower than the other? (photos)

I just realised that one of my nipples is lower than the other. Is this due to one breast being saggier or just genetics? And is this normal? Also are... READ MORE

Do my breast implants hang normally or is this too saggy? Should I be worried? (photo)

My breast implants are only 3 months old, and I love how natural they look, but one breast is hanging much lower than the they and I can grab a lot of... READ MORE

Left breast is lower & fuller at top. There are too much difference. Is there anything I can do to equal them out? (photo)

Just turned 50 breast fed one. Had silicon 300cc surgery 18 days ago. Before surgery left breast was lower. My numbers were good he did not think I... READ MORE

3 months post op, my right breast is a lot lower than the left. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi! I got my BA exactly 3 months ago. I live in Montreal Canada, and i had my surgery done in Miami Fl. I got Saline 290cc left breast and 305 cc in... READ MORE

What is wrong with my breast? (photos)

Hello Drs. Before surgery I was almost perfectly symmetrical. After surgery with the 1st BC PS, my left breast was lower. 12 years later my saline... READ MORE

Is uneven swelling and size normal? My nipples appear to be hanging low.

Hello I'm new to the forum, and I actually just had my surgery yesterday at 10am. I expected a fair amount of swelling post op. However I've noticed... READ MORE

Breast Augumentation Second Time Around and Breasts Sit Lower Than Before?

Hi I've had just had my second breast augumentation after having silicone implants for 13 years in front of muscle it which I got capsular... READ MORE

2 days post op, I feel my nipples point downwards a bit, also, one still sits a tad lower. Will it get better with time? (photo)

I was an A in my right breast and almost a B in my left. We did 309 CC in my left under muscle gel implants mid profile. In the right we did 339 cc... READ MORE

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