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Areolar Scars from Breast Augmentation. Will Laser Help?

I have had two breast augmentations. The scar isn't really raised, I would just like it to be less visible. The incisions were made around my... READ MORE

Can Laser Help with Capsular Contracture to Help Scar Tissue or Scartissue Under Incision at Nipple?

Help! Looking for alternatives to surgery. Had 3 capsular contractures with breast augmentation. Grade 3 at least this time and getting worse. Can any... READ MORE

How Long After Breast Aug. Do You Have to Wait to Get Laser Treatment on Stretch Marks?

I recently had breast augmentation and I had some old white stretch marks seem more visible now that my skin has been stretched. My surgeon said I... READ MORE

Laser hair removal after breast augmentation?

I had my ba ten weeks ago through the inframmatory incision. I wanted to get IPL laser hair removal for the whole body including the breast area. Is... READ MORE

22 days to surgery - do I have time to laser my Seborrheic Keratoses? (Photo)

I suffer from Seborrheic Keratoses and have previously had them lasered off quite successfully. They mainly appear around my breasts and along my bra... READ MORE

Breast augmentation areola incision, Fraxel laser. Sensitivity loss below half of both breasts. 10% sensitivity in both nipples.

I had breast augmentation 4 months ago. It turned out that I have wide red scars at my areola incision, that faded after two fraxel laser treatments.... READ MORE

Is this some sort of laser technique to break up constricted breast tissue? (photos)

Hi, I just had my BA done today. I'm feeling great. I had mildly constricted breasts and my surgeon said that he would want to break that dense... READ MORE

I have V shape scars from Breast augmentation - normal? Wasn't told after surgery that implant didn't fit. (photos)

I have V shape scars. The doctor said that durning surgery my implants (HP475L & 500R) kept popping out so he had to make a bigger incision. I was... READ MORE

What are your thoughts on using cold laser therapy on incision for quicker healing?

I work for a veterinary office that uses cold laser therapy to increase healing time on surgeries so I was just curious if it would be ok to use on my... READ MORE

How soon can I use scar removal cream and laser treatment after breast augmentation surgery?

Hi, I'm about to have my breast augmentation in a month's time. Can I use scar removal cream the day after my surgery? How long should I wait before I... READ MORE

How to treat stretch marks after Breast augmentation?

I recently underwent a breast augmentation a few months ago, and I am soooo happy with the results, the only bad thing is i now have stretch marks... READ MORE

Worried about scar after breast augmentation (Photo)

I am 6 month breast augmentation. I am worried about scare so much. I am using scar cream at the moment . Please advise how to remove scar? - should I... READ MORE

What is the best laser/treatment for a 3.5 year old BA inframammary incision scar? (Photo)

I had my initial BA in 2012 and used silicone scar gels too late (almost 2 years post surgery), so it helped a little but the scar is still very... READ MORE

Laser treatment for scar? (photos)

My doc since week one after breast augmentation surgery has been recommended to take some sessions of laser treatment but I thought it was too soon .... READ MORE

Angioma laser removal - a breast augmentation delay?

I had a 2 mm in diameter angioma laser removed from my left breast 3 days ago. Is this going to cause a delay in breast augmentation that's due in 49... READ MORE

Any advice on how to minimize scarring? Creams, lasers, anything?

I am mixed black and white. I scar even from paper cuts. They are always very black but no keloids yet. I'm having a BA (incision under boob) in a few... READ MORE

Is it okay to get laser lipo in my abdomen and then the next week get a breast augmentation?

These two procedures will be done in two different cities by two different doctors. READ MORE

When can one safely use chemical peels, hydroquinone, laser treatments on breast augmentation scar?

I am shy of 5 weeks post op. If I would like to improve the quality of my scar besides using silicone gel & sheets, when can one safely do the... READ MORE

Scar after surgery - should I go for a surgery or should I go for a laser?

After my breast surgery i got scar under my breast and my doctor said he's going to cut it out (his responsible). And if i do my treatment which... READ MORE

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