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Why Am I Lactating After Breast Augmentation?

I am 8 days post op from having breast augmentation 525cc under the muscle, incisions under the breast, & i noticed at day 5 that i was leaking... READ MORE

Spontaneous Lactation After Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation on June 23rd, so it has been about 4 1/2 weeks ago. As of this morning, I have started lactating when I do my massages. I... READ MORE

Why Am I Still Still Lactating 3 Years After Breastfeeding?

I have never truely 100% stopped lactating child I 3yrs clear of breastfeeding and I still lactate even without stimulation would this... READ MORE

No Milk Coming out After Breast Augmentation?

I had my breast augmentation about 4 years ago, and I gave birth to my daughter 8 days ago. My milk has still not come in. I am NOT planning on breast... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Milk to Leak After a BA?

I had a BA about 2 weeks ago; I have had 3 follow up visits with my PS and everything is good! My left side has been slightly more swollen and sore... READ MORE

Lactation Before Breast Augmentation

I stopped breastfeeding dec 20; leaked a teeny bit (drops only for maybe a week afterwards. Since then I feel what I thought were phantom teeny... READ MORE

Will Pregnancy and Lactation Bring my Nipples Slightly Down?

I had an breast augmentation surgery 2 years ago ,i had a 300cc implant that was slighly large on my body because im thin but i love the size..the... READ MORE

Pain in ribs under breast? Lactating?

Pain in ribs under breast ( transumbilical breast aug under the muscle ) 3 weeks after surgery . Normal? Also the feeling of your milk letting down ??... READ MORE

Lactation After BA?

Hello I had my BA May 18th after 2 weeks I was on my period a week after I found myself lactating I ask my PS he said its normal as implants pressure... READ MORE

How much do I need to save for Breast Augmentation? Is it possible to have a price quote if I'm currently lactating?

I have $3k saved up. Wondering how much more to save, if I need a lift too or just implants? Plus silicone vs saline. Can I get an accurate answer... READ MORE

Is it normal to lactate a year after breast augmentation?

I've been lactating for 8 months now, I've done all kinds of hormone test, brain MRI for the pituitary glands and everything comes back normal. I'm 22... READ MORE

Can I do a nipple incision/BA if I am still possibly lactating?

I stopped nursing Jan 21 but recently, I squeezed my nipple to see if i dried up & liquid came out. It was clear/yellowish/white, almost like... READ MORE

Six weeks after labor I had BA and now lactating from sutures

I had breast augmentation six weeks after I had my baby and was completely dry from milk and now two weeks after my post op I'm lactating from the... READ MORE

Can breast implants put enough force on milk ducts causing you to leak if you're no longer breast-feeding? (photo)

I never stop lactating after I was done breast feeding my kids. My oldest is 15 and my youngest is 8. To this day if my nipples are pinched I leak... READ MORE

3 week post Breast Augmentation am I lactating? I have breast fed in 4 years. (photo)

So upon taking a shower I noticed water running down my breast before I had even turned on the water and I check and sure enough it's milk clear and... READ MORE

Am I lactating? What to do to make it stop? I'm already taking Cabergoline .5 mg a week.

Has BA 13 weeks ago out of state. Redness around incision (areola) Went to the ER 2 weeks post op, had blood work & cat scan no leak inside & no... READ MORE

5 weeks post op BA, seroma on both breasts - USS showed duct ectasia. 100ml of serum/milk aspirated, cultures negative.

Prolactin was 725iu/l but a week later normal 290iu/l. Week after aspiration the same breast is swollen again. Since the op,the breast is numb below... READ MORE

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