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Why Am I Lactating After Breast Augmentation?

I am 8 days post op from having breast augmentation 525cc under the muscle, incisions under the breast, & i noticed at day 5 that i was leaking... READ MORE

Why Am I Still Still Lactating 3 Years After Breastfeeding?

I have never truely 100% stopped lactating child I 3yrs clear of breastfeeding and I still lactate even without stimulation would this... READ MORE

Spontaneous Lactation After Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation on June 23rd, so it has been about 4 1/2 weeks ago. As of this morning, I have started lactating when I do my massages. I... READ MORE

No Milk Coming out After Breast Augmentation?

I had my breast augmentation about 4 years ago, and I gave birth to my daughter 8 days ago. My milk has still not come in. I am NOT planning on breast... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Milk to Leak After a BA?

I had a BA about 2 weeks ago; I have had 3 follow up visits with my PS and everything is good! My left side has been slightly more swollen and sore... READ MORE

Lactation Before Breast Augmentation

I stopped breastfeeding dec 20; leaked a teeny bit (drops only for maybe a week afterwards. Since then I feel what I thought were phantom teeny... READ MORE

Will Pregnancy and Lactation Bring my Nipples Slightly Down?

I had an breast augmentation surgery 2 years ago ,i had a 300cc implant that was slighly large on my body because im thin but i love the size..the... READ MORE

How much do I need to save for Breast Augmentation? Is it possible to have a price quote if I'm currently lactating?

I have $3k saved up. Wondering how much more to save, if I need a lift too or just implants? Plus silicone vs saline. Can I get an accurate answer... READ MORE

Lactation After BA?

Hello I had my BA May 18th after 2 weeks I was on my period a week after I found myself lactating I ask my PS he said its normal as implants pressure... READ MORE

Pain in ribs under breast? Lactating?

Pain in ribs under breast ( transumbilical breast aug under the muscle ) 3 weeks after surgery . Normal? Also the feeling of your milk letting down ??... READ MORE

Is it normal to lactate a year after breast augmentation?

I've been lactating for 8 months now, I've done all kinds of hormone test, brain MRI for the pituitary glands and everything comes back normal. I'm 22... READ MORE

Can I do a nipple incision/BA if I am still possibly lactating?

I stopped nursing Jan 21 but recently, I squeezed my nipple to see if i dried up & liquid came out. It was clear/yellowish/white, almost like... READ MORE

Six weeks after labor I had BA and now lactating from sutures

I had breast augmentation six weeks after I had my baby and was completely dry from milk and now two weeks after my post op I'm lactating from the... READ MORE

3 week post Breast Augmentation am I lactating? I have breast fed in 4 years. (photo)

So upon taking a shower I noticed water running down my breast before I had even turned on the water and I check and sure enough it's milk clear and... READ MORE

Can breast implants put enough force on milk ducts causing you to leak if you're no longer breast-feeding? (photo)

I never stop lactating after I was done breast feeding my kids. My oldest is 15 and my youngest is 8. To this day if my nipples are pinched I leak... READ MORE

5 weeks post op BA, seroma on both breasts - USS showed duct ectasia. 100ml of serum/milk aspirated, cultures negative.

Prolactin was 725iu/l but a week later normal 290iu/l. Week after aspiration the same breast is swollen again. Since the op,the breast is numb below... READ MORE

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