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Could Putting in Internal Stitches in for 1st Ba Hurt the Results

Why do doctors not put in internal stitches in when doing a BA the first time. could it mess up the results? READ MORE

BA Stitches Opened Up and Yellow/Bloody Drainage. Right Breast Appears Abcessed. Can Internal Stitches be Removed?

My right breast after augmentation with lift opened up and now has white blood cells upon culture of the yellow sometimes bloody drainage. I can... READ MORE

I am bottoming out. Will internal sutures fix this even though I want to go up in size? (photo)

I am bottoming out. My left side is worse. I have 350 cc HP saline filled to 375. I am getting internal sutures in March and also going up in size.... READ MORE

What is an internal breast lift, and how is it different to what occurs during a "normal" BA? (photo)

My Dr has recommended either a lollypop lift or an internal lift with my BA. I would prefer an internal lift as it seems less invasive. However, I... READ MORE

What is the Recovery Time After Breast Augmentation Using Internal Sutures? (photo)

The internal sutures where used to lift the tissue directly below the breast. How can I tell if I have torn the sutures? READ MORE

Is it normal to have visible puckers from internal sutures above incision line, 10 days post-Breast Augmentation?

I'm 10 days post-up from sub-muscular, crease incision breast augmentation. I had my steri-strips removed yesterday and now that the irritation from... READ MORE

Dissolvable sutures with synmastia repair?

I had my second synmastia repair with downsize (450 HP to 325 HP) this past Thursday and my surgeon uses the internal sutures that dissolve in 6... READ MORE

What will my recovery be like? (Photo)

I am getting internal sutures to fix an implant that is too low. I am also changing from my saline 350 HP to silicone 500cc HP. Will my recover be... READ MORE

How common is internal suture release? Can it cause complications or compromise healing?

I am 2 weeks post-op - general breast aug, no complications. Today I reached up very high and across my body to get something and felt a pull/release... READ MORE

Dissolvable Sutures Moving?

I had BA two and half weeks ago. I had 325 cc in left side, and 350 cc in right (slight asymmetry). My breasts have little pain at this point, but I... READ MORE

Concerned with the shape of left breast post Breast Reaugmentation. Is this normal? (photos)

I am 5 weeks post op breast reaug with internal sutures placed to keep new implants medial. The right one descended into the pocket almost immediately... READ MORE

I'm worried my nipples won't be high enough? (Photos)

I have been recommended an internal mastopexy and implants to fill out and correct the asymmetry. I have always been unhappy with the way my breasts... READ MORE

4 months Post BA And internal lift, breast pain. Pointers on massaging?

I am 4 months post internal lift and BA. I have 420cc per breast, but the bottom and outer sides of them are still sensitive all the time. The... READ MORE

How easy is it to tear internal stitches after raising my crease due to bottoming out?

I had my left breast fixed after it bottomed out. My surgeon raised my crease and I am a mother of small children. I am just wondering how easy it is... READ MORE

What exactly is an internal lift of the breast? Specifically following explantation. (photos)

Is it involved or just a few well placed sutures inside to lift whatever breast tissue you have left following a capsulectomy? Is there an extra... READ MORE

What can happen if you lift your arms during the recovery process?

I found myself stretching in my sleep. I am 5 days post op, and I am concerned that I have torn a internal stitch. I never heard a pop, nor do I feel... READ MORE

Separated and saggy breast. (photo)

Is there something I can do post op to help bring breast together more and reduce breast from dropping anymore then they are? My doctor told me that I... READ MORE

Internal stitch ruptured a bit and feeling pain - will the internal wound heal by itself? Or will it have to be sewn together?

I am 2.5 weeks post op getting submuscular BA. About a week ago I felt an edgy bulge in my right breast (placed in the bottom, the lateral part of the... READ MORE

Holes under the areola after breast augmentation surgery. (photos)

I have had breast augmentation surgery 5 weeks ago, I now have one hole under each areola which is open and seems deeper every day; bright yellow... READ MORE

Second Breast Augmentation, saline to silicone. Uneven results and internal suture dissatisfaction, how do I fix this? (photos)

1st set Saline 330cc L & R 1 leaked & bottomed out - replaced 1 mo.ago with silicone 375cc. Still bottomed - internal stitching was supposed to repair... READ MORE

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