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Does Insurance Cover Tubular Breasts Since It is Considered a 'Congenital Anomaly' ?

My insurance company is united healthcare. I live in NYC so if there are any doctors who are willing to work with me and my insurance company please... READ MORE

Getting Insurance to Pay for Augmentation of Massively Asymmetrical Breasts

I'm not sure if this is the correct website for this question, but I was wondering how to get insurance to pay for some or all of the cost of breast... READ MORE

Will Medicaid Cover Breast Surgery After Pregnancy?

I had kids and my boobs changed. One is bigger than the other and they sag a lot and the nipples are very deformed.I wanted to see if I can get... READ MORE

Breast Asymmetry Correction Surgery? (photo)

I have asymmetrical breasts and it is causing me a great deal of psychological distress. I don't really want surgery because I'm worried about... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Correction of Breast Asymmetry?

I have breast asymmetry. My right one is a B cup and my left one, a D cup. Will my insurance cover this? READ MORE

Are my breast considered tubular syndrome?

Im 23 and im not sure if i have tubular breast deformity. I want to go for a consultation but i dont know if i will be covered by my insurance? READ MORE

I have severe breast asymmetry. Where should I start? (Photo)

For as long as I can remember, my breasts have always been two completely different sizes. I have researched any and all reasons for why my breasts... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation During Cyst Removal?

Trying to find out if the doctor can do implants at the same time they remove cysts, so I only have to have one surgery and don't end up with big... READ MORE

Uneven Breasts - Insurance?

I have always had very un-even breasts...One is D-DD the other is B (at most) -- would my insurance cover this? I am not opposed to getting a breast... READ MORE

Surgery to Correct Lopsided Breasts?

I'm 18 years old, and when my breasts first started to grow, I remember them being even. But in the last couple of years, only one has gotten fuller,... READ MORE

Do I Need Health Insurance Before Considering a Breast Agumentation?

I am considering a breast agumentation, I live in Kansas, I am a 32A and I'm wanting to be a 34C. I don't need to finance because I have the... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage Change After Implants?

After getting breast implants, can insurance companies drop you? Or raise your premium? I've also heard some companies won't cover the cost of... READ MORE

Would Insurance Cover the Cost of Plastic Surgery for a Congenital Birth Defect?

I have turners syndrome. Do to the congenital defect I have almost no breast tissue and widely spaced nipples. Would insurance ever cover the cost of... READ MORE

Will Tricare Cover Breast Augmentation for Asymmetry Following a MRSA Infection?

Last year, while breast feeding my first child, I developed a severe case of mastitis which then turned into a MRSA infection and had to have tubes... READ MORE

I have Poland Syndrome - Will my insurance cover that?

I want to get this operation done but i dont just have 7 thousands dollars - I have medical will they help with that due to it being a birth defect READ MORE

Which Doctors Accept Insurance for MTF Transexual Breast Augmentation Surgery?

My partner has got great insurance that covers all of her transition surgeries 100 percent. But she is running into doctors who are in network, but... READ MORE

How much does a pre-op medical clearance usually cost?

I have to have a pre op surgical medical clearance preformed from my primary doctor a week before my breast augmentation. I have a $1500 deductible... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture - Does Insurance Cover it?

Does health insurance cover capsulectomy? And if it does, what grade does it need to be? READ MORE

Do I Have a Breast Deformity and if Yes, is Reconstruction Generally Covered by Insurance? (photo)

I know not much can be determine from photos alone, but I'm just looking for some feedback. My breasts have been radically different sizes since I was... READ MORE

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