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How Long Before Surgery Are You to Abstain from Taking Pain Medication Such As Percoset? Is It 1 Week or 2 Weeks Before?

I am having my BA in 11 days and I just injured my eye!!! I have a corneal abrasion and was prescribed Percoset for the pain as no over the counter... READ MORE

Breast Hurts for a Day Now After Being Kicked?

I am a teenager and my little sister, five years old, kicked me in the breast. There is no bruising or swelling, but all day it has been a very mild,... READ MORE

Would Breast Implants Make my Injured (Strained) Shoulder Muscle Worse?

Would breast augmentation make my current medical issue worse? it's my left shoulder, and left side of my back, it is a "sprain strain" as my doctor... READ MORE

6 Mos. Post-BA: Injured Left Hand and Now R Breast More Firm - Could This Be More Muscle Tone or CC?

I am 6 months post breast augmentation. About 2 months ago I injured my left wrist and have since used my right side much more. My job is extremely... READ MORE

9 Days Post Breast Augmentation. Physical Attack to Other Body Parts, Stress and Blood Pressure?

10 days ago i had 2 surgeries at the same time, breast augmentation and lesion removal 10 oclock position on my right breast. i was dicharged from... READ MORE

I gained 25 lbs due to an injury and now my augmented breasts are a bit saggy. Will they go back once I lose the weight? (photo)

I am 28 years old and have 360 cc saline implants from 2008. I gained weight over the last 6 months, went up a cup size and for the first time ever,... READ MORE

Could a tear in the bicep cause the breast on that side to shrink?

I tore my bicep in a car accident a few months ago and have now noticed 1. My same side nipple has been MUCH more sensitive 2. I just started noticing... READ MORE

Is it safe to remain on oxycodone when having a boob job done?

I have a list of medications to stop before the surgery and I have been on this pain medication for years due to a severe back injury. READ MORE

I have had a second rupture since 2007. No injury or capsular contracture?

I have used a different surgeon and he informed me the first was from not be filled to specifications. Now another. Could my body be rejecting them.... READ MORE

Injury causing swelling and discomfort in saline breast, post double mastectomy. Any suggestions?

My mom has had saline breasts since her double mastectomy 15 years ago. Recently, she was putting my son in the car, slipped and hit her left breast... READ MORE

Small injury - maybe previous blister, that formed on the lower part of my breast above my incision. What is it? (photo)

I am 4 weeks post op with silicone unders 400cc. I noticed the little injury 1 day ago. My first thought was a bug bite but it looks like it could... READ MORE

Is it safe to do breast augmentation if AC joint injury had accrued in the past?

I am considering a breast augmentation surgery. However mor ethane a year ago I fell of the bike and separated AC joint Ligaments are injured second... READ MORE

What could two red splotches on right breast (after injury) be? (20 year old silicone implants).

I fell on our wet bathroom floor and hit my right breast on the edge of the granite counter as I fell 3 weeks ago. (Implants are 20 years old,... READ MORE

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