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Breast Injections - Using Botox to Lift Breasts

I'm a mom of 3 children and my breasts need augmentation. I found on another Web Site and wanted Dr. opinions about is breast injections for... READ MORE

What I would like to know is, Is it safe to self inject a sterile saline solution into my breasts? (Photo)

I am a Ts? What I would like to know is, Is it safe to self inject a sterile saline solution into my breasts to make them look largeThere is some... READ MORE

I've been injected "Aquafilling" gel into my breasts and now have slight numb pain in my right arm. What should I do?

I noticed the product was Aquafilling "Faceline", not the "Bodyline." The doctor said it is the same thing but the amount of the jel. And he used a... READ MORE

Injection into Breast Pocket for Pain

I've read that many surgeons inject a long-lasting anesthetic into the breast pocket during augmentation to reduce pain. I am VERY anxious about... READ MORE

Is it possible that local anaesthetic doesn't work for me?

I had breast augmentation surgery on Thursday and woke up after the surgery in agony even tho the surgeon said I was given a high dose of local... READ MORE

I Want Butt Injections & Breast Augmentation. What Are the Options & the Cost for Both?

I know both procedures have different options so I want more info. I'm looking to get both done ASAP. READ MORE

Is It OK to Have Breast Augmentation While on Enbrel?

I'm 3 weeks away from having breast implant surgery. I am currently using Enbrel 25mg injected once per week for psoriasis. Is this a concern in... READ MORE

What type of injection can I use to get larger breast, fuller, and firm?

Am a woman of 29yrs,with 2 kids,but my breast become saggy,smaller and flat. READ MORE

Hot swollen nipples. Is this normal? (Photo)

I have hot swollen nipples after 1 day post op. I have a crease incision is this normal or should I be worried? READ MORE

Scheduling lip injections after Breast augmentation ?

I'm having a breast augmentation July 19th. I want to redo my lips with juviderm in August. Is there any reason I should wait? These two things are... READ MORE

About breast enlargement injection. Is it OK? Will I get side effects?

M santhoshi.. 22 years old.. I planned fa breast enlargemnt injection.. Is it okei?? I wont get side effects ryt??? READ MORE

Any doctors in the US that have experience removing polyacrylamide gel from breasts?

Hello, I was one of the victims of polyacrylamid gel (PAAG) injections into breasts 20 years ago in the Ukraine. Does anyone know the doctor in the... READ MORE

I'm a female that lives as a male. I need both surgery's. Any suggestions?

I have all my female parts out of inside me. I would like both surgery's. I need to If the Testosterone Cypinonate 10ml/200mg via EP to start taking... READ MORE

I got aquafilling injections in my breasts. Can I get cancer?

I'm in egypt I got aquafilling injections and my doctor says it's safe and when it dissolves in your urine iam worried please help READ MORE

Could subpectoral steroid injections increase the size of the breasts?

Would steroid injections into the muscle under the breasts for muscle growth be an adequate new breast augmentation technique? READ MORE

Is there any harm having a silicon Breast Augmentation when I had breast injection 6 yrs ago?

Am considering breast augmentation, but i had this breast injection i tried 6 yrs that left me with (hard balls forming around the injected material)... READ MORE

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