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I Am 5 Weeks Post Op Breast Augmentation, And Have Had Severe Pain Since. What's The Cause? (photo)

I had severe pain on my left breast that was caused by the stretching of the nerves, inflammation around the nerves, and swelling. I was prescribe to... READ MORE

Costochondritis and Breast Implants

I have had relatively frequent chest pain (last 4 years , believed to be costcochondritis) and can usually control the pain with ibuprofen, but are... READ MORE

Large painful vein popping out from the arm pit to my inner elbow after axillary breast aug. Is this common? (Photo)

Its been 3 weeks since i had breast aug via axilla & just a few days ago noticed a think vein running down from my armit to the elbow which is causing... READ MORE

3.5 weeks, spitting stitches after BL/BA. Should I be worried? (Photo)

Started spitting at 3 wks, and went in yesterday to have nurse remove several, but I feel others brewing. If I am spitting so many now, can I expect... READ MORE

Is This Mild Cellulitis or Simply Non Bacterial Inflammation Post Lift/aug? Should I Be Worried?

I had my BA procedure done 4 weeks ago and a concurrent lift of my left breast to correct for asymmetry. Approximately 2 weeks ago, I developed less... READ MORE

If my gums flare up and down due to my wisdom teeth can this enter my bloodstream and affect my implants?

I need to get my wisdom teeth out but in the mean time i have my ba in a couple of days and my gums are inflamed.. can this bring on capsular... READ MORE

Infection After Breast Agumantation Since Jan 2011? (photo)

I had breast augmentation in own fat from butts was injected in my breast.after one month i had mild fever,swelling n pain in d breast with... READ MORE

Rubbing/Vibrating noises 9 weeks post op?

Since word go my left breast has always made more noises, my right did for a bit but went quick. My left has done this consistently, if i run upstairs... READ MORE

Is this qualified for Malpractice ? (photos)

My doctor claims that I was having a reaction. Sutras I have has stitches and sutra before from having my appendix rupture and had some in my lip... READ MORE

What is this rash/discoloration and how can I heal it ?

I got breast augmentation 5 years ago. I have suffered with itchiness, rash bumps, inflammation and redness round my nipples since then. It is off and... READ MORE

I have a medium growth staph infection appear 8 weeks post op. My question is, what is the likelihood of the implant removal?

I have had constant weeping and a small hole in my left breast since 3 weeks post op, my left breast recovered fine. 1 week ago I became very Ill and... READ MORE

Open wound after a suture come out 5 months post op! Any suggestions? (photos)

2 days ago I saw a little open wound under my right breast in the middle. after a little suture come out called my plastic surgeon He told me to put... READ MORE

Are my breasts normal, should I seek correction? (photos)

I'm in my very early 20's, so I feel like my breasts are very saggy. I have big areolas that stay inflamed and aching, sometimes sharp pains and... READ MORE

Capsular contracture or just inflamed? (photo)

A week ago I woke up to a painful left breast.I thought I had just slept funny. 2 days later my breast was larger and fuller than my right one. I... READ MORE

3 months after full lift and implant surgery I am having drainage? (Photos)

What causes drainage? I went running, the next day my right breast was swollen and I felt like I had the flu.. achy, sweaty, cold. A week later under... READ MORE

Is this inflammation, infection or something else? (photos)

Hello. I have tuberous breast and about 4 months had a lift/reduction and now about 4-4.5weeks ago had implants put in. I'm quite concerned because... READ MORE

One implant looks higher and not so round as other. When will it drop? (photos)

I had my BA surgery 3 weeks ago under the muscle, inflammatory incision. I was a 34 A and I got 425ccs gel implants. I'm scared it's not going to drop... READ MORE

Does the use of disposable implant sizers during surgery induce more trauma?

It would seem that inserting sizers during surgery would carry risk of increased inflammation, bleeding, and longer term possible capsular contraction... READ MORE

How to get rid of inflammation in scars? (Photo)

I got my breasts done last April & everything is fine BUT the scars. One side is super inflamed & red & sometimes it's really itchy. It's super... READ MORE

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