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Odd-shaped Breasts After Augmentation

I just had breast implants 6 weeks ago and I'm starting to feel a little discouraged. Since augmentation my breasts have an odd shape. They're kind of... READ MORE

Can Breast Augmentation Be Used Instead of Breastlift for Small Sagging Breasts?

Basically there are two things that I don't like about my breasts. 1) I've always had very big areolas. 2) I've lost 66 pounds and my... READ MORE

5'9" and Lean & Atheletic. Desiring B cup. 255 cc or 285 cc? (photos)

I am 5'9", 130 lb, wear 34A but do not fill, BWD 12 cm, band width 33.5". BA is scheduled for 5/20. Desire small implant for active lifestyle &... READ MORE

I have wide set breasts. Where will implants and nipples sit post op? (photos)

Hi I'm due for BA (only - no lift) in early September & am again researching. I'm a little worried about where my breasts are going to sit & how far... READ MORE

Is This a Malpractice Case?

Hello i had a breast augmentation 5 months ago. i already was a dd cup size (natural) since i did not want a breast lift doctor said he could correct... READ MORE

Uneven Breast and Possibly Tubular Can This Be Corrected with Implants? (photo)

My breasts have always been uneven and the left side is much smaller than the right side. the right side is more sagged and the left side is more of a... READ MORE

Tissue Expander for Tuberous Breasts?

I am 19 years old and my surgery to fix my tuberous breasts is scheduled for this winter. I am getting expanders put in both breasts and then I have... READ MORE

Small breast implants. Will they drop and project more in a few months? (photos)

My goal size was a C cup and I chose the 350cc high profile sub muscular. (I had to get 325 cc in one breast to even them out. I was a 32A before and... READ MORE

Borderline lift. What would you recommend? (photos)

I was told by a reputable cosmetic surgeon I was borderline lift. "you would benefit from a lift for best results but you are borderline and could... READ MORE

What do you think about the shape of my breasts? (photos)

Went to see my nurse today for my 4 week check up said wasn't happy how boobs look said they wasn't same shape nd could feel more implant in the one... READ MORE

Are my "wish boobs" reasonable? What type implants can achieve the look I want? (photos)

Looking at my pictures of how I look now comparing them to my "wish boobs" .. Is that a look I can actually achieve? And what type implants would be... READ MORE

Can a Breast Augmentation Lift the Breast Without Making Them Larger?

What type of augmentation is best for after breastfeeding to fill the loose skin and make breasts sag less? Return to pre-pregnancy size? READ MORE

Can I Get by with Just Implants For Augmentation? (photo)

I really dont want a lift only implants. i am planning on saline i just prefer that and spoke with one doctor and they said if i have enough tissue... READ MORE

How much does tuberous breast correction cost?

I am 100% positive that I do have tubular breasts, I'm 18 and sure about getting my breasts done in the future. How much would everything cost... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Saline and Silicone?

What the difference .and does all fee including into the cost READ MORE

Can Implants with a Nipple Lift Work? (photo)

I have been researching for about 4 months now and I have been on two consultations. I am 29 with three children and my breast have lost any firmness... READ MORE

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